Promote your story through the POV of one of the main character's family members!

I’m going to promote mine through the POV of my main character’s two little brothers.

These are her brothers


KARIM: O-kay. So this is the story of my big sister, Ellie. She’s like fifteen.
EMIL: No, Karim, she’s sixteen.
KARIM: Yeah, sixteen. So our Mommy doesn’t cook good, and Ellie doesn’t know how to cook because Mommy’s always at work and doesn’t have time to teach her. But then she sees our Daddy on a cooking show, making comments about things other people cooked. I didn’t know it was our dad because I’ve never met him.
EMIL: I kind of remember him because I was 3 when he left.
KARIM: Yeah, you were three. But Ellie remembers him good, so she told us that she wants to take cooking classes so she can get on that show. And then, the next day, the next day, the next day---- she went to bring food to a wedding and she met this boy that liked the food she brought and went to get his grandma because…because— he thought she cooked it.
EMIL: And then his grandma told her that she owns a cooking school, so Ellie filmed a video where she was supposedly making some turnovers so that the grandma would think she made them, and let her take cooking classes.
KARIM: But—but the principal of that school is a bad person, and she doesn’t like Ellie and made fun of her on the first day of school.
EMIL: Yeah, I don’t like her. But I hope Ellie learns to cook so she can meet our dad and also because Mommy’s cooking is kind of nasty.
KARIM: Yeah, very nasty.

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