Promote your story with a random line!

Here’s one from the story I’m currently working on:

That woman has absolutely no filter. But unlike Anabel, I don’t think she’s a bad person.


Hahah this looks great! Let me try for my stories :sweat_smile:

Too Good to be True

“Why don’t you wife him up?” :sweat_smile:

Love Me Again?

“I can sense that she never wants to leave the park”

My Cutie Detective

“Things are about to get messy” :joy:

One Final Chance

“I used to believe in forever”

Reveal: Perfection

Why would you do that to your own family?!

Queer: Flowers Have Thorns

That’s not slander, that’s justice.

Deadly Nightshade

Death will come to her eventually.

Clue: In Cold Blood

Normally, she would punch the bastard in the face.

Devil's Triangle

Naked before him, his eyes widened at the sight of her voluptuous body. Desire flared in the young teen’s eyes.


If not for the Empress Dowager’s secret decree, I would not have so willingly allied myself with you, not to mention endanger my only son.

Dark Bytes: No Unturned Rock

High above him, a board hung on the wall with the motto “Towards a Safer, Lawful World.” But to the defendant standing in that cold and clinical room devoid of humanity, nothing mattered anymore in this world.

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There’s No Accounting for Taste:

“But I’ve had a thousand bad times since I got here, and it’s only the second day!”

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“Um, Asher, kind of stuck here.”

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FT: Fairest of Them All: “I don’t know who the hell you think you talking to, Miss Bridge Nose”

Deadly Nightshade: What the- this woman’s in her 30s?!

Dreams and Nightmares
“You thought that I was even weaker when it came to my family.”