Promote your story with only your main character!

In Squad: The Write Team, there are five main characters.
Vanessa, Ellie, Mira, Mei, and Emma.

  • Vanessa is 18. She lives with her 14-year-old sister. Parents are not around. She’s tough and sometimes rude.
  • Ellie is 32. Family is everything for her. She loves elegant clothing and sunflowers. She’s sensitive and kind.
  • Mira is 20. She was studying law because her father expected her to be a lawyer, but she finally decided to major in English while working at Livia Interactive Stories. She’s very neat, organized, and a bit of an overachiever.
  • Mei is 50. She has four children and a dog named Furnando. She runs a food delivery service from home. Although she isn’t sentimental at all, she has a big heart and loves cooking for others. She’s a very hard worker.
  • Emma is 16. She lives with her dad. She’s rich and blonde, and loves pink, but not a mean girl at all. In fact, she defends kids who are getting bullied from mean girls.

I don’t have a story atm but if I were to have onee, it’d be like this:

Darcy is a rude brat who loves to party and drink. She is dating a bad boy after they met in a kidnap incident. Unfortinately, she wants to break up with him, what should she do?

Margo is clearly no gentleman spy, but what’s the biggest secret she’s keeping from her masters?

Scarlet is mostly defined by her past and doesn’t see a future anymore, until she meets a new family.

The Dragon’s Assassin Queen; Her Royal Majesty Queen Lilith Nycto. It seems they almost forgot all the papers in the very country she rules with her face crudely drawn on it matched with the rewards, “Traitor to the Crown and Church, Witch of the Dark Arts. Wanted, dead.”

@Writers This is a great opportunity to promote your stories! Just tell us something about the main character

Ellie Mebarak is an upbeat teenage girl who rambles a lot, overthinks everything, and adores her two little brothers. One day, she sees her dad judging a cooking competition, and becomes determined to get on that cooking show to find out why he left the family six years ago. The only problem is that she doesn’t know how to cook AT ALL.