Promote your story with the last sentence you wrote!

Mine is:

So, I’ll pick you up here tomorrow at, like, 1:00 PM?


“So is there any man in your life?” <- Click for context!

Sandra paused, the flicker of guilt in her eyes hidden by the locks of hair that hung over her forehead. “No one… permanent, I guess.”


Mine is - Tight black leather pants hugged each inch of his rock hard thighs and taut buttocks, a Harley-Davidson T-shirt clinging to his muscular figure and steel-toed scuffed boots gave him a dangerous air.

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Now, she knows that Ric wasn’t any better than Dexter

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It seems that someone deliberately wanted to ruin my surprise!

President Margot Calloway.

Added some tags! :sparkles:

@Writers this is a great thread to promote your story!


She’d had enough of hospitals.