Promoting: Deadly Nightshade

Hey everyone!

Choco here. I’d love for y’all to check out my story, Deadly Nightshade.

Deadly Nightshade small cover

Deadly Nightshade

Author: Faith

Genre: Thriller (with mystery/drama, a little horror too)

Style: Limelight

Episodes: 8, ongoing. Season 1 is complete.

Description: “The balance of black and white.”
A woman is murdered and her ghost is out for revenge. Ambition, betrayal, revenge and wicked schemes play a deadly game in Clifton…

Full description: A woman is heartlessly murdered and her ghost is out for revenge. Soon after, a mysterious new resident marries her ex-husband, the heir to a corporation, and a web of lies is created, leading to a devastating war of ambition and revenge and revealing the darkness hidden inside of everyone. Tragedy and betrayal ensue, leaving families destroyed and their loved ones burning with hatred… poisoning everyone like the deadly nightshade.

What’s in it?

Extra Info/Notes!
  • Black MC, so there’s limited customization for her!
  • A very diverse cast, the central cast come from different walks of life
  • Advanced directing
  • Set outside of the US
  • Morally grey characters
  • Lots of twists and turns!
  • Point system is used! Choices matter too.
  • Little to no romance
  • Revenge, greed, betrayal, and secrets!
  • NO gem choices (other than donations at the end of every episode, which was removed temporarily. I am reinstating them soon!) Bonus scenes are FREE to unlock!
  • Options to skip triggering scenes
  • Options to skip the first 5 episodes for free! A passcode is needed.
  • FAQ at the end of every episode.


I wrote this way back in 2019 and I’ve put a ton of work into it. (You can see the progression of my directing, I’m in the middle of a very light revamp for that reason.) It’d mean so much to me if y’all read this gem of a story. I hope you enjoy it! Do send screenshots and your thoughts on it, both on here and Instagram.

This can be a discussion thread, but I might make a separate thread just for that.

My Instagram is @kikis.stories. Have fun! :purple_heart:


Nice. (wink)

Hey, any @Episodians wanna check this story out?

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Maybe instead of just writing “bumping”, instead try to update with a chapter release or a promo. Users are more likely to check it out then.

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I haven’t worked on it in a bit due to finals, I’ve also barely been active on here too. Maybe I’ll post screenshots from the most recent chapter!

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Ah, yup, that’s fair. … Just an idea.

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It’s a great suggestion. Thank you! ^.^