Promoting my Stories 😺

Heyy! I’ve published a lot of stories lately and they’re getting more all the time. Instead of making a thread for each story, I’ll make this a promotion thread for all my writing stuff :smiley_cat:
I also have a here :smile:

Here are the platforms you can find my work on and the links for every story:


Dreams and Nightmares
This is my main novel right now, I already have a promotion and update thread for it here. I’ll keep updates for this story to that thread.


Illness of the Heart
Fake Jokes
Valentine’s revelation (New)

Sana Stories

Light Me Up
Fade Away

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Starting to read Dreams and Nightmares!

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This story has 44 endings, 11 different plot lines. It took me so long to write all of that so I’d really appreciate some opinions on the choices. You can comment in the app right to the choices! :pleading_face: :smiley_cat: