Prompt Eighteen Official SG

The Story

Four groups of adventurers had been trekking through the jungle for days, and slowly, each group is about to discover that what they had been looking for is here in front of them. It’s the towering lost temples that have been lost to time and swallowed up by the dense vines.

The story originated from the prompt thread.

How this SG works compared to normal ones

Yes, I’ll still be doing the writing. However, anyone and everyone can vote on the polls and answer questions after each post. As for the characters, so far 15 characters are in the story, although there is very little information on them. More can be added as the story progresses. I will be aiming to write this faster than most SGs; posting every few days (hopefully), so it will be a faster story that you don’t have to actively answer every question.

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Four groups of adventurers had been trekking through the jungle for days, and slowly, each group was about to discover what they had been looking for was here in front of them. It was the towering lost temples that had been lost to time and swallowed up by the dense vines.

The group who were now standing in front the temples was lead by the experienced and lethal warrior, Héloïse Günther. Nearby was the adorably deadly second-in-command, Kagawa Mochizuki, who was never without a flame thrower nor sword coated in sulfur mustard. One of the other two was Danya Kutnyakova, who is flamboyant and flirty, but still rather inexperienced. While the other was Volodymyr Macron, the only one of whom who has a touch of magic. The power of limited garden magic.

The next group, who were only a 10-minute walk from the temple, were a pair. One was a giant named Wilhelmina Whisperwood; the muscle. While the other was a Gremlin named Ike Wiles; the brains.

Another group, who weren’t doing particularly well, as they had been unknowingly circling the temples for a few hours. Probably due to having five members but no leader. They were Alyce Masterson who had killer aim with a crossbow and always had a thermos full of tea, and Ardyn Mistborne, a bubbly airhead with a magically enchanted pen that could not only unlock anything but also magically translate any language if copied. As well as Sammael Schaeffer, a ditzy soft-hearted map-maker with only one torn faded map left in possession, and Sarah Rodway, someone who is funny and pretentious, with impeccable balance, and tremendous grip and strength when climbing. Then finally Xavier Masterson, who is Alyce’s younger sibling. He’s a stubborn, reckless, and arrogant adventurer who got stuck with an empty bottle and a cursed vase on the last adventure.

As for the fourth group, it was lead by the careful and wistful, Cosmos, wielder of the power to manipulate oxygen. Cosmos’ best friend was the damaged yet determined, Phantom. One who wields the power of Spell Absorption. The pair also had two others with them, the slightly depressing, Keishara who instilled false confidence in others while also wielding the power of dowsing. The other was the quirky and overly-protective, Báðýt, who has intangibility magic. This group set off late and isn’t anywhere near it yet.

Which group’s story should we start with first?
  • The First Group
  • The Second Group
  • The Third Group
  • The Fourth Group

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The Third Group

Hours had passed since they had entered Berkbiens Forest, after packing down their camp at the forest’s edge. The morning dew had started off crispy with a chill breeze blowing through them. Layers of clothing were soon taken off and packed away as the sun rose higher and its heat could be felt in patches through the trees. As they walked on and on, Sarah had tried to lighten the mood by telling a few jokes but after the first two hours, even she became too exhausted.
Then for the past hour or so, there hadn’t been much progress and Xavier was getting irritated by the insects who had decided to stick to his arms and legs.

Xavier swatted maniacally at his arms and legs. “What are we even supposed to do here?!”, he yelled out in annoyance, which didn’t draw him any attention. They were used to his stupid tantrums, which only made him even angrier. “Ugh, where is our leader? Maybe they would have known! Oh, wait, we don’t even have a leader! I think I would have made a wonderful leader if it weren’t for this useless, empty bottle and the f^cking cursed vase I got! Like, what am I supposed to do with this-” He paused and began swatting again, stomping his feet. “Damn insects!”

Alyce was ignoring her petulant young sibling by walking near to Sammael, trying to sneak glances at the tattered map they were carrying. Neither had spoken many words to each other though. They just kept walking, unbeknownst that they were walking in a circle repeatedly. She was distracted from her latest sneak peek at the map by the annoying Xavier, midpoint in their rant. She halted in her tracks, causing the rest of the group to do so too.
Turning slowly in irritation on the soles of her boots, Alyce retorted, “Maybe if you used your head a little more, you wouldn’t have touched that stupid vase. But by all mean, please, entertain us again by trying to unstick it from your hand. I don’t know what glue magic was used but it’s f^cking hilarious watching you try to get it off.” She then mirrored him smugly, folding her arms across her chest. “Why don’t you stop being the annoying one and try to be useful for the first in your life?”
“Shut up, Ally," he shouted, knowing full-well she hated that nickname.
“Don’t call me-”
But Xavier didn’t let her finish. "They just had to stick to me, not any of you! I didn’t touch nothing. It must always be ‘Let’s all annoy Xavier day’ because I have the worst luck!”

When the group stopped for Alyce and Xavier to bicker once again, Sarah sat down on a tree root that looped out of the ground. The hot sun beaming down on her. Listening to the argument, it seemed to be the same one they had had countless times; Xavier being incredibly annoying and Alyce making sure that Xavier knew this. Usually Sarah would laugh at her friend, who even she would sometimes butt heads with, scolding her younger sibling. But not now, not when they were lost.
Sarah gripped the root either side of her and stretched out her legs. “Hey guys, I don’t think arguing is the best option right now so maybe try being, I don’t know, Civil?” Then she turned to Xavier. “Especially you, you’ve been complaining this entire trip.”
“Maybe I wouldn’t complain if we actually had a leader to lead us,” Xavier spat back.
“Ah, really, Xavier?”, Ardyn sprung forward with a bounce in both step and voice. “Don’t you think that a leader needs to take charge, not complain. To be decisive and not follow the herd. To, you know, lead the group.”
“You don’t think Xavier has what it takes either then, Ardyn?”, Sarah asked.
“Hey!”, Xavier interrupted. “I would, just so you.” Xavier turned to Ardyn. “Who do you think would make the best leader of the group?”

So which group’s story should we move onto next?
  • The First Group
  • The Second Group
  • The Fourth Group

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Who do you think Ardyn’s choice for a leader would be?
  • Alyce
  • Ardyn (themself)
  • Sammael
  • Sarah
  • Xavier
  • No one

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One user per question, anyone can answer them:

  • Who do you think Alyce’s choice for a leader would be?
  • Who do you think Sammael’s choice for a leader would be?
  • Who do you think Sarah’s choice for a leader would be?
  • Who do you think Xavier’s choice for a leader would be?


Thanks to...

Thanks to @elixr and @Kbail for their starters on the prompt thread. (wink)


The Second Group

Ike and Wilhelmina had slept that night on the furtherest side of Berkbiens Forest from the lost temples, just inside of the trees. As they had come here from Alverton, a town known for secrets so ancient that they’re older than the forest itself. Neither were from there, of course, but the lost temples were only one of the secrets that they found out there.

Ike had insisted that Wilhelmina be leading the way through the trees when they were in the depths of foliage; for xyrs size could clear a path for him to walk behind xem.
A tree root that stuck out of the ground snapped under xyr foot, although xe didn’t seem to notice. Ike did, however, and had every intention of sharing his displeasure. “HEY, YOU OAF, BE MORE CAREFUL WITH THAT TURGID FOOT OF YOURS.”
Wilhelmina stopped suddenly and turned, causing Ike to walk into xyr shin, whacking his forehead into xyr kneecap. There was quite a height difference between them, they really did make an odd pairing; a nearly ten foot giant and a gremlin who was three inches of three foot.
Ike stumbled back in a mild daze, about to fall over if it weren’t for Wilhelmina’s lightning quick reflexes. Xe snapped a small branch (probably more of a twig in xyrs hands) and held it low behind him, hopefully for him to fall on. Unfortunately, xe was not calculated in slightest, not like Ike was, which meant that xe misjudged the position of the branch. It did catch him, but only his legs and was overbalanced, falling straight back onto the ground.

Dropping the branch, Wilhelmina offered a large hand to help him up, but as the dazed Ike focused, he shook his hand. “GET AWAY FROM ME, WILLIE,” he grumbled as he helped himself up into a sitting position on the broken branch.
Xe looked down at him with xyr large green eyes. Then xe spoke with such an unusually eccentric voice for xyr look and size. It was odd, almost whimsical. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”
“-You didn’t.” Ike was pulling off his backpack and digging around in it.
Willie didn’t let the quiet settle for too long. “I’m hungry. Do you think we could stop here for a break?” But Ike didn’t look up, he simply answered with a wave of his hand and xe took that for a yes. Carefully, xe sat on the ground with both legs tucked round xem to the right, trying not to cause too much noice or damage. Xe rummaged in xyr own pack for food and water.

Looking around xem, trying to leave Ike alone with what he was doing, xe spotted a cluster of mushrooms within an arm’s reached. Xe stretched out for them and recoiled again when xe heard him say, “Don’t touch. They probably psychedelic, they’re not eatable.”
“How do you know?”, xe asked before drinking from xyr large canteen.
Ike looked up from his map and compass, up at Willie. “Do you know this forest?” Xe shook xyr head. “Neither do I. So the best idea is to not eat anything. Okay?”

So which group’s story should we continue with first?
  • The First Group
  • The Fourth Group

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How long have Wilhelmina and Ike been paired up together?
  • Only the past few weeks
  • A few months
  • Over 6 months
  • For a year
  • 2-3 years
  • A decade
  • Since childhood

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The First Group

Volodymyr’s hand was raised to some kind of solid wall thick with moss, at least zie thought it was a wall behind the murky green. The two fingers on the end of hir hand twitched as a small crop of moss crawled outward from hir palm, leaving a cleared patch of old stone only reaching to hir gnarled fingertips.
“Did you find it, Vóva?”, asked the sonorous voice of Héloïse.
“Only more wall,” came zie reply.
“What about you two?”
“Burning. Nothing but… char-grilled greens… over here,” wheezed Kagawa, as they played with the settings on their semi-advanced flame-thrower.
“Try not to burn down the forest.”
“Not… on purpose.”
Héloïse was working on their own patch of moss and ivy. “Danya, how about you?”
“The wall is winning,” she answered in her dulcet falsetto. “I broke a talon.”
“It’ll grow back, keep looking.”
Danya sighed. “It hurts.”
“So does… this conversation,” Kagawa snapped at her, pushing their tight black braid off their shoulder. Héloïse shot them both a look, wanting to avoid another argument that’d only prolong their search further.

“There’s something here,” Vóva called out around 12 minutes later, getting them to regroup by hir. Behind hir gnarled fingers was only part of a three-inch thick iron bar. “I can’t clear all of this stuff off it.”
“Move… out of the… way then,” Kagawa told hir.
“Careful not to melt it,” Héloïse warned and Kagawa glowered in return.
As they faced the wall again, weapon at the ready, Vóva stepped back for them. Kagawa flicked the switch, igniting the released gas into the flame and torching the weed and moss that cover the bars. Seconds later, Kagawa flicked it off again and they all waited for the smoke to dissipate. As the last of the burning moss became just embers at the sides, a massive barred entrance was revealed. There were about 20 vertical iron bars like a door or cage, evenly spaced with two inches between each one, but with not handle or way to open it.

Héloïse waved away the smoke from their face. “Thanks, Kagawa,” Héloïse coughed. “Shame you didn’t melt the bars.”
“Kind of… impossible… with this,” they wheezed, holding up the weapon.
“Hmm, do you think either of you two can pry them open?”
Volodymyr and Danya exchanged glances; Danya’s then turning into a smile, fluttering her lashes at hir.

Who do you think will break open/apart the bars somehow?
  • Danya
  • Héloïse
  • Kagawa
  • Volodymyr
  • No one

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Remember that anyone can suggest FCs and/or outfits for any of the characters!!!



The Fourth Group

The group hadn’t yet reached the Berkbiens Forest. They were driving through a valley, on their way there, in an old rust-bucket that could probably have once been described as a farm truck. Cosmos was sure this thing hadn’t driven this far in a number of years, and driving it now they were putting all of their weight forward to make sure it stayed going straight. Their friend was not doing the same, however. Phantom didn’t care whether this piece of junk got them there or not, it knew that they would get there one way or another.
The upholstery within the cab left much to be desired. Although Cosmos had to perch in the seat precariously since there was a spring poking out between their legs, Phantom had the more uncomfortable situation. With no seat even there, it sat on a stack of eleven books, which wobbled on every bump in the paddocks they drove through.

From the outside of the truck, the paint job is great; a nice even coat of rust over the entire body with only a few sky blue patches on the bonnet and doors. The truck’s only inhabitants, before the group had taken it, had been a rather shabby looking middle-aged couple who were now laying unconscious on the back. Making sure they didn’t slide off the back with every bump, and because there wasn’t room inside the cab, was Keishara and Báðýt. Each with one hand on a sleeping owner and the other clinging to the metal bar outside the cab’s rear window.

The truck conked out about a hundred metres from the edge of the Berkbiens Forest roughly two hours later. As Cosmos and Phantom got out of the cab, its flat and toneless voice spoke to the group, “Walking is the only way forward.”
Báðýt’s reply resonated as they pair on the back leapt off, as if it was a foghorn, “Thanks for that completely obvious remark. Just do make sure we all stick together.”
“No one ever plans to get lost,” came the wobbly, almost straggled voice of Keishara.
Phantom ignored Keishara’s depressing comments, everyone did. “Straight into the forest, Cosmos?” It was a question, but with inflection it was had to tell.
Cosmos’ more smokey voice responded, “Yes, and I wouldn’t worry, Báðýt, I know you’re there to look after us.”

So now that you’ve heard from each one, which groups would you like next?
  • The First Group
  • The Second Group
  • The Third Group
  • The Fourth Group

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Who would you like to see Cosmos paired up with a short period?
  • Phantom
  • Keishara
  • Báðýt

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Anyone gonna suggest any more FC or outfits for any of the characters?


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