Proofreader Available?

Hello, I’m writing a story called Seal The Deal and need a Proofreader/Editor. Someone to take a look at the pacing and quality of my work coding wise and plot wise. This is an unpublished Episode Story with only two “completed” episodes. Hope there’s someone in service. :droplet: :rose:

I proofread but I charge >.<

If you want, I can proofread your story.

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I’ll wend you the link, thank you.

@ShanniiWrites Thx Shannii maybe when I get a debit card :worried:

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@ShanniiWrites, I don’t think you can proofread her story since she wrote it on the Episode app and you’re banned from the app :no_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you get the link? And does it work?

Yes, I did. And no, it doesn’t.

Are you on a phone? It can only work by mobile.

I could proofread a couple Episodes but wouldn’t be up for doing the whole story.

Ah, so I need to use my computer for that,?

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No, I’ll send it again, don’t wait for it. I have to make changes anyway.

Closed due to inactivity :heart: