Pubg new state is epic

So I did try out Pubg new state and dang that game is epic. From car to clothes, I been playing during the night.

There are different types of car like these below.

By the way if you make a account on Pubg new state before the January 5,2022 you will get a welcome gift.

Here is what the map looks too.

What do you think of it? Will you be download it?

If you want type in TikTok search bar for laurenmusic40 to check my video games sample

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Here is my character if you were wondering.

I just got a nice hat.

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I downloaded it but haven’t started yet

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I have played two rounds but died every time. But I do post my games on TikTok here

Get ready to play Pubg new state here in a while.

I was getting on my pubg new state and I just got a creepy mask.

Just added a few tags

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There are updates on pubg new state so
You can get some imposter like among us to epic outfits for your avatar

If you need a clan
Here is my below.

This free for google play and apple store in case you didn’t know.

Hey, I am ready to play in a state in epic.But I’ve played many rounds and have died both times. However, I do post my games on the website who invented pubg.

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If you want to, I posted my gaming video on YouTube and mostly TikTok. Also keep a eye on their Twitter page for code to redeem.

When I first started I died a couple of times in the extreme mode. But It always a good idea to watch streamer playing mobile gaming.

Here what I posted on my TikTok

( I been playing other mobile games as well)

Also feel free to check out the other mobile games I had My favorite mobile game to download right now 😁

I haven’t played pubg for a week but planning on playing it during church hopefully.