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Life was once normal for all who lived in and around the city of Solare, but one day, that all changed. What caused the storm, no one could be certain. A solar flare during a solar eclipse, some unintended result of the experiment occurring within the lab at the center of the city at that time, or perhaps the rare comet that passed by the earth at that very time had something to do with what happened. Whatever it was, there was no way anyone could have prepared for what was to come. The skies turned to unnatural shades of purple and green, great bolts of lightning struck, rain poured, and the wind blew through the city, but just as quickly as the unnatural storm came on, it dissipated, just as the eclipse was over. Many were injured, reported as missing, or even killed, but the greatest impact of the event, which would later be known as the cataclysm, wasn’t immediate.

Soon after the cataclysm, individuals with unnatural abilities began to emerge. Enhanced speed, super strength, and manipulation of electricity, just to name a few. As these enhanced individuals began to appear, crime rates rose, but with criminals came those who wanted to do good and now had the power to do something about it. In some cases, even the do-gooders couldn’t stop the criminals, but other times there was success. However, in either case, trying to stop the criminal caused more harm than the criminal had even done in committing the crime.

Fear, that’s what drove the research into these powered individuals. In the research, it was discovered that all enhanced individuals have one trait in common. They all have a large amount of what they called Quantum particles, in their body. However, there was no way to eliminate the Quantum particles, they were in the blood, bonding to the DNA, and the enhancement was permanent. To control the situation, a law was put into place, requiring that everyone in the city be screened for Quantum particles, and everyone, no matter the circumstances, with the Quantum particles in their system above the specified value would be placed into a camp, a prison just outside of the city modified for the situation, whether they exhibited any sign of enhanced abilities or not.

Basically, this RP is centered around the individuals who have been ripped away from their ordinary lives and sent to this camp/prison for people who have developed powers due to the cataclysm. Not everyone in the camp may have developed their powers yet, but they will still develop them.

Note, I will choose each character’s power, and unless there are any special circumstances, no 2 characters will have the same power.
and no, I do not know what those special circumstances may be. It depends on the power, characters, and if there’s a cool idea.

Powers, Skill Level, & Threat Level


  • Again, I will select each character’s power. This will be chosen based on a combination of factors, their personality/background, what they were doing when the cataclysm occurred, unique plot ideas, and if necessary a random selection.
  • Anyone can feel free to suggest interesting powers, but this does not mean your character will have a power that you suggest. that being said, an interesting idea can sway me to give a power you want. If you strongly want a certain power, plead your case and there’s a good chance I’ll go with it.
  • Each character can train with their power and increase their skill over time.

Skill Level:
This is how skilled they are with their power. As the character learns more about their power, how to control it and increase what they can do, this level will increase.

Threat Level:
This is how much of a threat they are considered to be by the government. This is dependent on the power, their skill level, and how secretive they are about their abilities. Their behavior will impact this.

Extra Info

Additional information will be added here over time.

  • All enhanced individuals are kept within the prison ground by an impenetrable force field type barrier of unknown origin.
  • Individuals who cooperated with being taken to the prison, were given the opportunity to pack/bring along some clothes and personal belongings from their home.
  • The first individuals were brought to the prison camp exactly 1 year after the cataclysm, and as of the beginning of the RP, it has been approximately 1 month since then, and most individuals exhibiting high levels of quantum particles have been detained by this point.

Signup Form: Link
Faceclaims: Link


This is a really interesting background for a story, I like it a lot. I’m just curious what the plot is, like what the point/the overall goal the characters is?


this sounds so cool im definitely in


What about fcs in the sign up form? :pleading_face:


Overall, there will be the individual interactions between the characters and how they deal with their situation, which the plots between the individual characters with each other is a huge part of the rp. Overall it’s not a specific linear plot. Each character will have their own goal based on how they feel about the situation.

If the characters wish to try and escape, then they can try. If they want to try an uncover a conspiracy they can try. If someone wants to have a superhero/supervillain arc they can.
I have one plot in mind regarding one of my characters, but what happens with it and how it impacts the characters on a larger scale depends on the other characters, as well as a plot I have in the works that will depend on characters searching around for information or making attempts to escape, but that stuff isn’t necessary and if the characters wish to keep things as they are, then that’s fine too.


:flushed: I knew I had forgotten something.
Adding a place for that in the signup form now. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for mentioning that Isi


Ah, cool. So it’s freeform. Nice.

Next question…s: Do/Can we choose our skill/threat level or is that something that happens later? Like, we all start with nothing and then slowly discover the powers/skill?
Do we reserve first and is there a character limit?


Ooooh… yeah, real FCs or drawn ones?


I select a starting point for the skill and threat with the power. Certain abilities will automatically put the character at a higher threat level (such as fire abilities may automatically have someone at a moderate or high threat level)
The skill level will start at either low skill or moderate in some cases. (Or at none for any who have not developed their abilities yet.)
Certain exceptions may apply for individual characters who may have notable skill without powers taken into account. (ex. Someone with high martial arts skills)

Reserving first is recommended, (just so I know to expect it) but not required.

No there is not a character limit.
The only condition is that if someone is making a large number of characters, to keep an eye on genders and how many there are.

Real fcs.


Im going to reserve then because this has me excited


Reserve a guy :v:t2:


Oh, okay, wicked. Totally makes sense. In that case, I was think of making twins (or triplets, literally had a slightly different idea in the last two minutes) where one has a moderate proficiency while the other has none or like, a trace of the Quantum in their body. I don’t want to know what powers they have or anything, I love the idea of a surprise. Was just wondering if that’d work?

Of course, understood.


One reserve for a male character please


Yes, you’re back… AND creating a character. OMG! I’m sooo happy right now.


Oh my god no way you remember me, it’s been so long! Yeah, I’m excited to be back and RP again but I think I’mma take things a lot slower now.



Sounds good



Yes, that would work.
For the character with a moderate proficiency with their power, you can find out their power once they are up in the faceclaims, or once the rp begins.


How is this pronounced? Is it like Solare the same way Solitaire, like Soul air, or is it like … Volare o-ooh, Cantare … Solare o-ooh!

Is this based on misfits? Maybe? A bit?

Is it permited to write a certain backstory up to the cataclysm, and then to finish the bio and the other part of the perso when you give that character the power you think they should inhabit becuase the way their power influenced how their lives turned out but also how their personality changed after they did is important to me. Can I do that?


That one

Yes. That is allowed. Write up their information, and if they have discovered their power, then when I tell you their power, you can edit as necessary.


Great, becuase even if they don’t know their powers, it affects them and their lives

I’ll search for FCs now, are mutations due to the cataclysm allowed?