-QUEEN HAZEL- a story by: Spade

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1st page:
Queen Hazel
“Hey, wake up, my Queenie! Time for our tea!” shouted Kai. I groaned.
What a terrible nickname for an elegant labrador! One who ate proper food! And one who is at a higher rank than the highest of the high! I need to sleep on a bed! Not a cushion! Oh, woe…
My owners are Sam and Rachel Rivers. Sam is a mechanic, and Rachel is a doctor. They’ve both been dream owners until recently. Two years ago, they adopted a boy called Kai. He’s the start of all my problems. Ever since they got him, they’ve been paying less and less attention to me. Also, he has always loved drama so he dresses me up as his princess and sings weird songs.
I wish Kai would be more… you know, boyish! He should treat me like a queen! Yeah, Queen Hazel has a ring to it. He should tend to my every need, and kneel whenever he sees me! Whether he’s playing football or something else, I would be carried around like a princess at all times! And all I would need to do was bark, and he would come rushing. Instead, he makes me TEA! DOGS DO NOT DRINK TEA! Ugh. We like chewing on bones, chasing cats, and being treated like ROYALTY. I wanted to be a normal dog, or better, a ROYAL one! A pet of the queen, perhaps! So I could be properly loved… The queen’s corgis are soo lucky! I mean, I am loved and all, but I wish I was treated more specially…
Anyway, I had to go to Kai’s drama class because the teacher suggested it. Something about animal interaction. Sigh… Oh well, at least the tea is sort of nice. HA! Are you kidding me? It’s disgusting Ugh.
“My Queenie, have a sip of this delightful Jasmine tea! It truly does work wonders!” gurgled Kai in a British tone.
I had to bear 45 minutes of horror, but thankfully, the class was over. Time for Kai to go to school! Finally, the house to myself! But then…
“Awoooooo!” It was my friend, Rose! She always comes to visit from next door. I wonder what we’d do today. As I heard her steps coming closer, Sam came by.
“Hazey wayzey, why are you going out? You know it’s forbidden!”
NOO! Sam had found my secret way out: a small trapdoor that I could just fit through in the back of Kai’s drama room. Sam locked the trapdoor, and I heard Rose miserably padding away. I howled in sadness.
“Come on now, Hazel, Daddy wants to learn drama too!”
Ugh! I immediately ran out of Kai’s drama room, and thankfully, no one called me back.
Great. No one in this frustrating family knew how dogs had fun. They never let me have fun. Last time, I saw a rabbit out in the backyard, and decided to chase it out. Like, that’s what dogs are for, right? Well, Rachel spotted me, and practically SHOUTED at me for chasing the rabbit! She cuddled it close and whispered, “It’s okay, Fluffy, I won’t let that cruel dog hurt you.”

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