Queen Of Silver and Steel

Hey! Me and my friend are working together on a Wattpad story for the Watty’s 2019 awards… I just published a story called Queen of Silver and Steel. We share an account and do the writing together.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/189720469-queen-of-silver-and-steel-silver-and-steel-trilogy

Kendra works against her will as an assassin for the current King. The former princess of her country, before they invaded and now she works for them. A joke, from the heavens above. She is mentally tortured and treated like dirt, her kingdom under a tyrant, constantly killing her own, and hiding her identity as a Kalgretto. She’s persisted following the hope that one day she could run away and start anew in a new country.

Her plan lays shattered upon the ground like pieces of sharp glass. Her anger and hate are overwhelming her, and her broken heart is remolding into one of diamond. She is determined to overthrow the king, take back her country, reunite them despite their differences and bring the Kalgrettos out of hiding. The first obstacle in her way is the King’s children. His crown heir and princess, who Kendra will kill at any cost.

But as she gets closer to them in order to expose their weaknesses and take them out of the game, she discovers not is all at as it seems. Lies, Betrayals, and Secrets. Could the King’s heir be as bad as the king? Are they not molded by the actions of their father? Or is the apple never far from the tree? Knee-deep in betrayals, secrets, lies, and hurting people she is drowning in the rebellion. Can she keep her head afloat or will she descend like those before her?


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