Question for rpers

I know I’ve had this problem, but I don’t know who feels the same way. Does anyone get insecure about how long their posts are? Like some people have novels and you’ve barely got a paragraph ? Do you ever artificially lengthen your post or separate your post into multiple paragraphs so you feel like you’ve written more?



Meeeee. You just saw my post for Kiku.


I actually kind of admire that. You said what you wanted so say and didn’t feel the need to fatten it up


I really like that. Thank you.


I feel the same way.

Sometimes I do this but it gets complicated to come up with more things to write.

This is funny for some reason, but sometimes.



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Definitely :sweat_smile:
I always try and match how the other person post is structured


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I definitely understand that feeling. I honestly think every RPer gets self conscious about their post lengths sometimes. Some may feel their post is too short and then there are other who may feel like their posts are too long. Sometimes its more about feeling like the post is good enough for the other person, and other times its more about the RPer feeling like its good enough for them. We all have standards that we want to hold ourselves to, for both content and length.

Don’t you guys worry about your post length at times @RPers ?

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I used to be very worried about it at first. Now I can easily write a long post when needed and when I’m in the mood. It’s in your head if you think you need to match the length of other people, because you don’t.

If you do want to improve the length of you post this is what I do?

  1. respond to every interaction given by the person(s) I am currently playing with.
  2. give 1 to 3 new pieces of information. This can be moving to a new location, a new emotion or a new subject to discuss.
  3. I write at least 3 thoughts, emotions or actions in detail. sometimes it helps your partner when you write out the reason behind an action or what their mental state is at the moment.
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Sometimes yes. Back when I started rping, I used to be insecure about it all the time because my English wasn’t as good as it is now and there were so many talented rpers around me and they still are

Yeah. I know what you meant. But with practice, it’s gets better and you don’t have lengthen your posts artificially anymore.
For me now the problem is I’m writing too much