Question Thread - Chaoticdeluge

So for this week’s Question Thread, we have me! Oh no :D!

If any of you have any questions for your top mod boi, feel free to post below! If you wanna blow up my notifications, feel free to @ me, too!

The questions can be as silly as you like. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines – no swearing or NSFW/mature questions please!

Have fun, everyone!

How to Play

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@ChaoticDeluge What secret conspiracy would you like to start?


Yay, we can annoy you now :eyes::sparkles::smiling_imp:
What’s your favourite colour?
Favourite music?
Favourite artist?
Favourite quote?
Favourite game?
Favourite thread on this forum?
Favourite meme?
Favourite gif?
Favourite kind of question?
Favourite language?
Favourite conspiracy theory?
Favourite animal?
Do you like polls?
Do you like spiders?
Any secret talents?
Favourite food?
Weirdest fear?
Biggest fear?
Biggest dream?
What do you regret the most?
Do you like your family?
How many hours are you on the forums each day?
Do you like to be tagged?
What’s the best way to annoy you?
Favourite emoji?
Least favourite emoji?
Favourite forum user?
Least favourite forum user?
Do you enjoy answering my questions?
What thread would you love to reopen again?
What’s the funniest dare that you saw a forum user do?
What’s the weirdest pm that you ever received?
What’s your favourite category on the forums?
Do you have pets?
Should I post more questions? :eyes::sparkles:


Definitely post more, I’m gonna let them build up and answer them all at once :heavy_heart_exclamation:


What’s your biggest regret?


Are we besties? :pleading_face:
Do you like feet?
Do you agree with chicken nuggets?
Do you like my new username?
When will the next pub quiz be?


have you ever…
touched a rainbow :laughing:

Done something crazy in the sky…like in a hot air balloon or sky diving?

Been in a real shady place :eyes:


What would you suggest me to choose as a prize?
What’s the weirdest art comission that you ever did in your life?
Who is your best friend?
Do you think that Shannii is the love of your life?
What do you like to eat for breakfast?
Do you always tell the truth or do you like to lie sometimes?
What is something that nobody knows about you?
Who was the best teacher that you ever had and why?
What would you sell your soul for?
Favourite movie?
Favourite number?
Favourite unpopular opinion?
Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?
Did you like the area 51 raid?
What drawing are you most proud of?
What would be your dream job for the rest of your life?
What’s your favourite book?
What book do you hate the most?
What’s the best gift that you ever received?
Are you also annoyed by notifications and unread topics or am I just weird?
Do you like this emoji combination “:eyes::sparkles:”?
:eyes:” or “:sparkles:”?
Do you like blueberries?
What’s your favourite part of being a mod?
What do you hate about being a mod?
Do you like to correct others?
Your favourite car?
Do you like my uni-swan?
Will you join the star cult?
Do you like to dance?
Would you rather adopt a kid or a pet?
Do you have a lucky number?
Do you like chicken nuggets?
Your opinion on doorknobs?
Are you happy with yourself?
Where would you like to travel to some day?
Funniest moment of your life?
?sdrawkcab daer uoy naC
Who’s the most annoying forum user?
Do you agree that @HyperKari is funny?
Do you like chocolate?
Mlem mlem?
Your opinion on trees?
What was the biggest disappointment of your life?
Most important life lesson?
Favourite YouTube video?
Do you believe in ghosts?
How often do you listen to music?


Okay, I’ll do one comment for everyone else’s questions, and one for Hanna since she posted so many xD


I can post more questions if you want :eyes::sparkles::blush:
And I’d love to know how long it will take you to answer all my questions
@ChaoticDeluge :eyes::sparkles::joy:


I want to start a conspiracy where everyone thinks sheep are actually secretly alien spies sent to earth to keep tabs on our agricultural market.

Oh, also, I’d love to start the strange myth that Detroit:Become Human is actually a good game. What a weird conspiracy theory that would be

Not pursuing college harder when they borked up my attendance sheet

Sure, why not

I neither like nor dislike feet. Feet are feet, they’re fine

I do agree with chicken nuggets, they don’t agree with me tho

I do! It’s really nice! :smiley:

This Saturday!

No, but I’ve made a few! Garden sprinklers are neat

Not really. Been in a plane?

I’ve been in many shady places. We have a ton of abandoned castles in Scotland and I’ve been to like. All of them xD


I don’t have on favourite, I think every colour has a situation that it works in better than the others!

Again, I don’t really have a favourite, it changes from week to week. Right now it’s Soken’s Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers soundtrack

Sakimichan, she’s my biggest inspiration :revolving_hearts:

“Doors are for people with no imagination.” - Skullduggery Pleasant, Skullduggery Pleasant

Final Fantasy XIV: Online :heart: :heart:

The Positivity Goddangit thread, I love that thread, and I love the idea!

This one


This one

Deeply personal ones

Probably Japanese, or maybe Icelandic. Not sure

That Detroit: Become Human is actually a good game

That’s like choosing favourite children, I love animals. If I absolutely had to choose, it would probably be an axolotl

I love polls, especially yours :heart:

I don’t mind spiders, they are the spawn of Satan though

No secret talents, no, I’m quite an open person

Cucumber :revolving_hearts:

I don’t really have any weird fears, I don’t think

I have claustrophobia!

For people to like my writing and my art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The college thing, Shannii asked it too

I love my family, that’s why I’m still living with em!

Usually? 2-3. Today? Coming up on 6 hours straight

Yes, I like it when people add me into conversations. Randomly, though, not really.

Breaking the rules. But then again, that’d also get you suspended so.

:heavy_heart_exclamation: I really like this one


:100: Not a fan

I love it! I like answering questions :smile:

Any of mine that got closed because no-one liked them ;__;

Rose marrying herself, for sure

D1ck piiiiiics

Share Your Work, I love that I created such a nice atmosphere there!

I have two gerbils called Yin and Yang, and two cats called Zack and Ash :smiley:

Do it! I’m just gonna start on your second round :3


What were the names inspired by?
Will you share some pictures of them? :eyes::sparkles:
Who is your favourite pet?


Why did the smell smell the smell

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U single :wink: hmu


A German version of that:
Heißen Teigwaren Teigwaren weil sie Mal Teig waren? :eyes::sparkles:


I dunno why I’ll ever need that, but imma write it down

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What do you think of this?

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