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Good :sob::heart:

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Hi @astxrism !
proceeds to insert random dumb questions
1- If you were given the opportunity, would you join squid game?
2- Would you rather lose the ability to hear, or lose the ability to speak?
3- What’s your favourite book?
4- If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be?
5- What’s something you like that most people don’t like?
6- Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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Hello hello

NO. I’d immediately die

To speak. I already don’t talk

The song of Achilles


Hm… I don’t think there’s such thing

Chicken :eyes:

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  • One of your favorite main characters from what you’ve read so far?
  • One of your favorite side characters from what you’ve read so far?
  • Have you ever adored a side character far more than any of the other leads in a book?
  • What book’s ending disappointed you (blur if spoilers?)?
  • What book’s ending exceeded your expectations?
  • Do you recall any unique character names that you thought were pretty cool?
  • Which character name are you tired of seeing again and again?
  • Have you ever read about a character whose personality reminds you of one of your own family members or friends?
  • Can you roll your R’s?
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Hahaha good answer. :see_no_evil:

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Elliot from Love and other words

Genya from Shadow and Bone
Or Mal but I’m not sure if he’s a main or side character :joy:

If Mal is a side character than yes, if he’s not than nope

This is a hard question. I wouldn’t say the ending of Verity disappointed me because it did not but I have soooo many questions

Maybe The secret history

Inej. Love that name so much!


Ohh… I don’t remember. I don’t usually compare them to my family or friends, that’s like the last thing I think about. I do compare them to myself all the time though

Sometimes :joy::sob:

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Inej IS a cool name. Some of my favorites: Sabriel, Nerys, Shay (that one’s more like ‘uncommon’?)…

The last question was a random one for fun. :rofl:

hey hey hey just more book questions

  1. Have you read “on earth were briefly gorgeous?”

  2. If one what do you think about it?

  3. What was your least favorite book ever read?

  4. Book that got you into reading?

  5. Would you rather loose the ability to speak or to the ability to read?

  6. What’s your favorite book series?

  7. Do you like it when books become movies?

  8. Which movie has done the book justice?

  9. Have you read We were liars?

  10. They both die at the end?

  11. The kiss Quotient?

  12. Red white and royal blue?

  13. People we meet on Vacation?

  14. The hating game?

  15. Things fall apart

  16. Arrow of God?

  17. A long walk to water?

  18. the goldfinch

  19. The cruel prince?

  20. Circe?

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nonbook related questions:

  1. Have you watched dead poet society?

  2. The riot club?

  3. Little women?

  4. Kill your darlings?

  5. My fair lady?

  6. La la land

  7. if you were to create your dream world, how would it look?

  8. Have you ever written a sonnet?

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what are some of your chaotic reading habits?

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I wanted to but I heard mixed reviews so now I don’t know

Maybe the wrath and the dawn

Tracy Chevalier books

Speak, don’t need it

Harry Potter
Shadow and Bone

Yeees. If it’s done well

Call me by your name

Nope, I realllly wanted to but now I’m not so sure

Same answer

Yes, love it

Nope, but it’s on my tbr list

Not yet

One of favs

Nope, never heard of it


Nope, sounds interesting

Nope, I have to buy it

Not yet


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NO :anguished:





Nope, I don’t want my heart to get broken

It will always be fall, a lot of places like Iceland and Edinburgh, everyone would have a corgi, peace and positive energy, no politics


I sometimes read more books at once and can stop reading mid sentence and go do something else

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What makes this book your least favorite? What was it about?

Never read any of their books, what is your favorite Tracy Chevalier book?


reading it right now

Have you read any Halmet? Macbeth? If so what was your opinion on them?

Have you read The Midnight Library ?

same oof

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music stuff:

  1. Have you listened to “There is a light that never goes out”?

  2. Achilles come down?

  3. Top 5 favorite songs?

  4. Have you listened to Mine by Taylor swift?

  5. Boy in the bubble by Alec Benjamin? thoughts if you have

  6. Heather by Conan gray

  7. Crush culture by Conan gray

  8. People watching by ^

  9. Olivia Rodrigo songs?

  10. And Then There Was Silence?

  11. Top 5 singers?

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I was just expecting so much because everyone said how it’s one of the best books but meh. I was kinda disappointed. It’s a retelling of 1001 Nights.

Girl with a pearl earring

Many mixed reviews and I have books on tbr list that sound better

Saw thatttt

For school waaaay back and idk. I’m not that into classics, I love spicy romance

Not yet

Now yes

Love it so much. Was listening to it legit every day last year

Pretty little girl - blink-182
Anything - Catfish and the bottlemen
Moon song - Phoebe Bridgers
Heather - Conan gray
Betty - Taylor Swift

Yes yes long time ago

Love Alec so much, especially that song


Meh, it’s okay


Love her so much. Traitor and Hope ur okay <3

Don’t know what that is

Phoebe Bridgers
JP Saxe
Sufjan Stevens
Taylor Swift
Role model

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Hey again, Dora,

  • What do you think of the ocean?
  • Are you able hold your breath underwater? For how long?
  • Are you a murderer for killing ants?
  • What’s your favourite breed of cat?
  • Who do you think will be the next question star?
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Love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wish I had a beach house

Yup, max 1 minute


Maine coon or persian

You :smirk:

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