Questions Thread - astxrism



I do :pleading_face:

Ohhh, Kato!!!

Already have them!

Ryder, he was such a babe

  • What’s your favorite food from the national dishes of your country?

  • Are there any topics that you don’t feel comfortable addressing in a story?

  • What names do you like?

  • What songs annoy you right now?

  • Are you tired of quarantine?

  • What’s your favorite snack?

  • Were you involved in any activities before quarantine that have been suspended?

  • What food are you craving right now?

  • What is your opinion on online school?

  • What’s your favorite section of the forum?

  • What bad habits do you wish to break?

  • What’s your favorite holiday?


do you secretly wish you weren’t nice?
who do you envy most?
what was your boyfriend’s name again?

-oml break-

if you had to dye your hair to a fun color that wasn’t red what would it be?
what’s your favorite weekday?
what weekday were you born on?
would you rename melanie the giraffe?
what would you want for a middle name?
opinions on your professor that sends you all the projects?
what do you like most about yourself?
what do you smell like? hahah im curious
do you have any cousins?
do you wish you had siblings?

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Favorite character in AYTO, that was not yours?

Which of your AYTO characters was your least favorite?

How do you come up with secrets for your characters?


top ten ayto characters both yours and not yours from seasons you were in?


Do you like ducks? :pleading_face::green_heart::duck::eyes::sparkles:

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Proja goshh

Not really, I’m comfortable with anything

Rose is my favorite name! I also like Daniel and Sofia

I feel like there are a lot of songs that annoy me but I just can’t think of them right now :thinking:
K Camp - Lottery

I’m actually sad it’s ending… This was just so peaceful to me because I don’t really leave my house. Omg that’s bad

Smoki! It’s a snack only we have and it’s just so good. I’m not sure what I can compare it to

My gym closed if that counts?

Pizza :pleading_face:

I don’t hate it but I’m not obsessed with it… For me just because I go to the Academy of arts is not really practical but it saves me a lot of time!

Roleplays and games
But I do adore general chat

I saw someone making a thread about this and I wanted to write something but I just couldn’t think of anything… I constantly bite my lip so maybe that?

Christmas! I love winter! Hate summer and warm weather

Gosh Ixy :joy: I actually don’t, I feel really bad when I make someone upset

Jk I don’t know

Baby blue!


Sunday :eyes:


Sofia. I actually wanted to change my name to that

They all do… But I like them, they are cool artsy people

I don’t like this question ahh. I never really think about that…
Probably that I love people in general and I’m always nice to everyone. And I strongly believe people are good.

I don’t know :joy: I love oriental perfumes sooo

A lot…

I do actually… When I was younger I loved being an only child but now I just wish I had an older brother



Probably Rose

Just from watching a lot of tv shows :joy:

Oh lord, why is this impossible?

  1. Cosimia
  2. Ajax
  3. Viv
  4. Brooks
  5. Erick
  6. Nathan
  7. Spencer
  8. Yasi
  9. Sam
  10. Kaira

They are cute :innocent:


*visible anger *


I’m honored!!


From 0-10 how annoying am I? Honestly :joy:

How did you find out about the Episode forums? :thinking:

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-1 :pleading_face:

Through the game I think, I was just really bored when I didn’t have anything to do for a year :joy:


You’re too kind. :sneezing_face:

I’m :100: % annoying.

Welll ~ I had this one friend who kept talking about it. :joy:
I was addicted for like 6 months straight after I started reading stuff.

And then she told me about the forum, show me stuff on it and would let me on her account occasionally. Annnddddd we sort’ve shared an account for like a year. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You’re not at all!! Why would you think that?

Still waiting for that story :smirk:



Omg where are the receipts?

I swear this will become a 9 page essay.


@OhSumana @SkyWalker @/Tellyg47

Can back me up on this. :joy:


What is your zodiac?
What is your favourite sign?
What songs do you listen to?
What do you like about myths?
What kind of songs do you like?
What time is it for you? What day?
What week of the year are we currently in?
What would you do if aliens invaded Earth?
What kind of cat do you think Mouschi has?
What do you think Mouschi would say next?
What do you like about being the question star?
What did you think about year 2020 in year 2019?
What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?
What would you do if there are zombies just right outside your house?
What is the reason you think Mouschi is -1 annoying and not -10 annoying?




YAY. More SG participates. What genres or storylines interest you then?

YAY! This makes me sooooo very very happy.
Are there ideas you have that’d make a good SG?

Would you consider doing an SG alone or with a partner?


Patiently waiting

Cancer :grimacing:

Pisces and Scorpio!!

It really depends! I could be listening to something sweet and quiet but switch to rock in a second

Friday, 3am! Oops

Don’t know, don’t make me count it

I’d just be really curious and that wouldn’t end well

Ohh I don’t know
A cute one :joy:

Nothing :joy:

It’s just fun, I like answering random questions

What we all did probably, 2020 will be my year
I just had high hopes because I finally got into college and had something to do with my life!

Cry, honestly

Again, cry :joy:
I’d be scared, I mean what would you do? I certainly wouldn’t risk my life

-1 just sounds more genuine :smirk: