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So for this week’s Question Thread, we have @SilverKittrn! Congratulations! :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles::tada:

If any of you have any questions for her, feel free to post below! If you wanna blow up her notifications, feel free to @ her, too!

The questions can be as silly as you like. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines – no swearing or NSFW/mature questions, please!

Have fun, I know we will! :wink: :green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

How to Play

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My heart skipped a beat at the notification

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Congrats, so how many questions do you expect to receive this week? :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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1000 from you

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I’m quite busy lately so it won’t ask that many questions, but I’ll still try to spam you with some questions :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
So what’s your favourite duck? :eyes::sparkles:
And should I go to sleep since it’s already 1am here? :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Swannnnn :swan:


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A swan isn’t a duck as far as I know :eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart::no_mouth:

And goodnight :wave::eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smile_cat:


Yes but still I don’t know any species of ducks :sweat_smile:
And g’night

Im bored spam me

  1. Are you scared of the coronavirus?
  2. Do you like to read?
  3. What’s your favorite forum category?
  4. Who are your best friends on the forum?
  5. Do you wear a watch?
  6. What are your favorite foods?
  7. What does your mom (or dad, or grandma, or whoever) usually cook for weeknight meals?
  8. What’s your favorite subject in school?
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Hmm, forum games & Roleplays

Chococarmela, WolfGamerGirl37, and…uh

I used to then I lost it

A whole bunch of desserts, pasta and rice.

They only do lunch. Usually pasta or rice. Today was soup

English and maybe math


What inspired your username change?
Will you apply to be a staff member?
What was the dumbest question you’ve asked in class? :eyes::sparkles:

What is your favourite sport?

Idk, Rose suggested this amazing name

Oui, I did.

Hmm, ider…

I’m horrid at all, idek…

  • Favorite Season?
  • Favorite Book series?
  • Favorite Type of cat?
  • How many cats have you had?
  • What’s your least favorite pet?
  • What sports do you play?
  • What’s your favorite movie?
  • Why did you get into roleplaying?


Idrk :sweat_smile:

I don’t know either :joy: :sweat_smile:





It’s fun! I love how you can interact in another point of view.

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Are you hungry right now?
What’s your opinion on houseplants?
How would you describe your nose in 7 words?
Do you like describing things?
Do you find the sound of typing on a keyboard satisfying?
Would you rather eat a mouse or turn into a mouse?
Who would you want to talk more to?
Are you happy with your life?
When was the last time you went outside?
What’s your favourite day of the week and why?
Favourite meme?
Favourite YouTube video?
Favourite forum staff member?
Favourite mod?
Do you sometimes wish you were a boy?
What’s your clothing style?
How would your dream house look like?
What’s the dumbest typo you’ve ever made?
How long does it usually take for you to create a character for a RP?
Do you prefer to breathe through your nose or your mouth?
Do you like moths?
Is @Mysterious_Tea mysterious?
Do you like your question thread?
How many notifications do you usually come back to?
Is this list shorter than usual?
When was the last time you created a poll?
What was your favourite poll battle theme?
Do you have a favourite door in your house?
Do you have a doormat?
How many dresses do you own?
Are you religious?
What language do you think in?
How many corners does your room have?
Are you happy with the number of corners your room has?
Did you know that mine has more than 4?
Do you have to share your room with your siblings?
Do you have a favourite sibling?
Do you prefer your mom or your dad?
Mom or mum?
Dare or truth?
Funniest ad you’ve seen?
Your least favourite ad?
Would you rather eat an unicorn or be kidnapped by a dragon?
Heaven or hell?
How often do you smile?
How often do you cry?
When was the last time you blinked?
What’s the past tense of breathe?
Will you help me annoy @ChaoticDeluge?
When’s your birthday?
How will you celebrate it?
Will I stop now because my fingers hurt from typing?
Are your hands usually cold or warm?
Who was your first crush and why did you like them?
Are you @SilverKittrn?


Oml, answering them after lunch!

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Non, I’m drinking Coca Cola

They’re…plants :eyes:

It’s a
Nose nose nose

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