Questions Thread - CerealKiller

So for this week’s Question Thread, we have @CerealKiller! Congratulations!

If any of you have any questions for them, feel free to post below! If you wanna blow up their notifications, feel free to @ them, too!

The questions can be as silly as you like. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines – no swearing or NSFW/mature questions, please!

Have fun, I know we will! :wink:

How to Play

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Oh my god



Spam me people


Are you looking forward to this? :eyes:



What’s your favorite season?
How are you today?
Your favorite christmas gift ever?


Do you enjoy rping?


Ahh hey @CerealKiller!

Here are my questions for you:

  1. Is there a specific meaning behind your pfp?
  2. What is your favourite thread on the forums right now?
  3. Who is your favourite character you have made?
  4. Where do you get inspiration for characters (names, fcs, personality)?
  5. What is your favourite roleplay?
  6. What was your first roleplay?
  7. How long have you been roleplaying for?
  8. What is your star sign?
  9. What is your favourite movie?
  10. What is your favourite TV show?
  11. What is your favourite book?
  12. Who is your favourite character from any book/show/movie?

Cats or Dogs?

Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Udder juice, soy, almond or cashew milk?

How long have you been playing Episode before you joined the EF?


Favorite one of your AYTO characters?
Least favorite one of your AYTO characters?
Favorite one of someone else’s AYTO characters?
Least favorite one of someone else’s AYTO characters?
Favorite couple in AYTO including a character of yours?
Favorite couple in AYTO not including a character of yours?
Least favorite couple in AYTO including a character of yours?
Least favorite couple in AYTO not including a character of yours?
Have you started your characters for next season yet?


Best breakfast food?
Best flavor of ice cream?
Favorite animal?
Favorite school subject?

  • What is your favorite color?
  • What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?
  • What food is delicious but a pain to eat?
  • What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?
  • What’s the most creative use of emojis you’ve ever seen?
  • What’s the funniest actual name you’ve heard of someone having?
  • Are you a cereal killer?

  • What’s is your favorite food

  • Do you like yeeting people?

  • WHat’s your favorite video game


As you can see :eyes:

We don’t really have seasons where I live it’s just summer three times a year and a weird season that is supposedly winter but we all know that’s a lie (So yeah that one is my favorite)
But actual seasons I’ll say autumn :heart_eyes::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:

Not the best day but I’ve seen worse

Good question
I don’t know though, I just love Christmas gifts in general

I love it :heart: (Even though I kind of suck at it) it’s one of my favorite things to do in my spare time (and my not so spare but easily manipulated time)

Not really
It’s just shego and she’s awesome and hot and every kid that ever watched Kim possible had a crush on her even if they say they haven’t

Can’t not like baby pictures. I mean… look at them. They’re babies.

Aria Griffin on Lime Grove

Fcs I usually find on Instagram or Pinterest, names I just collect from either google or hearing them somewhere. Personalities and bios I’m not really sure because many come from different places, but I do like putting aspects in a character’s life that’s similar to someone I know or heard of. Not always.

Either Lime Grove or Are you the one
Hard pick I love both

God I have no idea that’s actually a good question
Around a year - a year and a half. Not really sure.

(The original) Rushmore academy!



Either Friends or Brooklyn 99
Can’t pick gaahh

The little prince
I even have a tattoo inspired by it

I don’t think I have one tbh
There are so many amazing characters


how proud of your user and title are you on a scale 1-100

where do you want to go to college

relationship status?

if you had 24 hours left to live what would you do

how does it feel to not speak broke anymore with your AirPods

honest opinions on me?
(and the rest of the squad members iygw)

list your past online crushes

whats your favorite food

favorite song rn?

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I’m a libra toooo :open_mouth:

When is your birthday?

sep 28

Will you show us that tattoo? :eyes::green_heart:

And are we friends? :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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I don’t really have any questions right now but I’m happy that you got to do this too!!
Okay jk i have one!!
Drink of choice at the moment? Iykyk

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For the record I really don’t drink milk so that’s actually relevant :joy:
I’d say oat milk but it’s not an option so soy

I just checked when I joined the Ef a few minutes ago, and apparently I joined June 18. So I guess maybe like a few months before, earlier that year.

Guy- Nathan
Girl- Samantha

Guy- Dean
Girl- Probably Shelly

Hard one
Probably Viv or Hadley though ( @Madilnel )
or Shea ( @astxrism )
Or Cosimia ( @sofia )
Can’t pick. Too many amazing characters

God I have no idea
Aiden? (Don’t remember what season but I remember he was a player and it annoyed me)

Nathan and Viv !!! @Madilnel :heart:

Dani and Brooks :pleading_face:

Probably Dean and Emma now when I look back at it
I still loved them though


Found fcs and a general idea of a character but haven’t wrote them down fully yet :pleading_face: