Questions Thread - himynameisaria

Because together it tastes horribly, yes I have


I used to
Don’t have one
I have not


Why have you tried it? Describe the taste. If you used adjectives, why those adjectives specifically? If not, why not?


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Try it yourself and all your questions will be answered

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What is your happiest memory?


Yeah, I’m good but very tired.
Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the questions?

This is an SG. Does it interest you?

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6 Questions

What makes you smile?
What is your motivation to get through the day?
Where is your happy place?
What’s something you can’t buy that brings you joy?
Did you smile today?
How are you?

  • She would get tattoos all over her body :clown_face:
  • mmm, I woukd show them modern inventions…
  • Mostly languages and some advice
  • They would probably think that I escaped or broke something I should have not
  • Chaos
  • a fox
  • a centaur or a siren, because they can think and they have also animal abilities
  • It’s toxic and superficial. But also mysterious
  • Birds, because they are the only ones able to fly, So I think they would be arrogant
  • Strawberries
  • I don’t know much of that topic
  • I tried out playing tennis with flip flops in the beach
  • Go through my phone or read
  • orange
  • About astrology, paranormal experiences, an after life, crazy theories…
  • With Oscar Wilde, Michael Jackson and Marie Curie
  • I would save it, and then decide what to do with it later
  • I love it (ICONA POP)
  • Natalie Portman
  • I can’t think of anything rn

No :slightly_smiling_face:


Passie, you just wanted to save me from @idiot.exe 's questions that’s why u unpinned it :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t have one
Don’t have one
Baby pigs
History or English
Don’t have one
Coulant (I think that’s how you spell it)
Water or tea
5 or 22


I was, now I’m teaspoon and a broski :sunglasses:

I considered it, but I’m really lazy to start and to code
4637 kilometers
Yours-…I mean my neighbor’s
5 December (are u planning a gift :smirk:)
I thought you already knew it :flushed: But it is spamming questions…And currently answering them… thanks Bee and Idiot.Exe
-427389 kilos
I want 2572849299137 questions :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Don’t have one
G e F
5 or 22
Mmmmm…Next question

I would answer with: and What would you do???

no because you ghosted us on the group chat on planning Bee’s wedding-…I MEAN OF COURSE

Hi hi my name is aria

Best broski? Why?
Best broski name? Why?
Would you like to see my fr? Why?
Are you a broccoli? Why?
Were you born at a young age, why?
Shrek or oompalumpa’s?
Join the shrek cult? (yes)
Join the oompalumpa cult? (no)
Best utensil name? Why? (say me)
Have you already had most of these questions? Why?
Can you teach my how to get to my bathroom without getting lost in the kitchen? Why?
Do you think inhaling oxygen is overrated? Why
Do you think exhaling carbon dioxide is overrated? Why?


I think so…
ALL CHEESE :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: but seriously I don’t like cheese
Cheese and snails and meat in general
Meryl Streep
My mum and my grandma
Iron Man
Mulan or Belle
Ummm, if the world was all made of food
Eh no
Yes, trypanophobia
No…But it’s fun
I don’t like social media in general
I don’t have one yet
Thriller, mystery and psychology books
Thanks to @idiot.exe
Because I think I searched something on Google and the forums popped up
I can’t post them here

Stubborn, impatient…
There are a lot
I’m an only child
I was obsessed with Teddy Bears

oh no Bee is typing

Yes I have
I like dancing, reading, yoga…And spamming questions
Water or tea
I don’t like soda
Dancing or swimming
Don’t have one
English or History
Not really
Hot country, I don’t like cold
Not much
I don’t feel comfortable sharing it in a thread
Emerald or Sapphire
Siren and a Phoenix
There was this game I used to play about escaping a labyrinth but I can’t remember the name
I have one cat, and at my parents house I have dogs and birds
I don’t read or watch anime
I speak Spanish, English and a local language. I’m half fluent in French and I’m learning German and Portuguese
German, Japanese and Italian
Beach or somewhere near water
All fruits except apple and mango
Don’t have one, I like all honestly
Dark brown
Rick & Morty
Don’t have one
Don’t have one
I don’t rp
Don’t have one
Tiger and Elefants
There’s one I love in my hometown
I only wear glasses to read and to watch tv
No, sorry
I’m in the literature field
No :disappointed_relieved:.
Don’t have one
Never watched it


why is that bad? i’m just adding to your collection of questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • How do you feel about Shrek? Why?
  • Would you support Shrek (our team) or the umpalumpas (just @oofalumpa, the others joined out of pity)
  • How do you feel about umpalumpas? Why?
  • Do you think it’s okay for ebee to tell me to breathe water? How about fish? Why?
  • Do you agree that breathing air should be for everyone and that air breathers shouldn’t be discriminated against?
  • Join us in copypasta battles?
  • How do you feel knowing I keep making typos when spelling your name, like calling you Aro or Aroa?
  • Why is one of my balloons from last year deflated? Who do you think committed the crime? Why?
  • Is EST inferior? I’ll take that as a yes. CET/GMT+2 is obviously superior.
  • Favorite color from the alphabet? Why?
  • Favorite sense of smell? Why?
  • Would you wear a shoe your size if it meant wearing a shoe your size?
  • Do you think that me, ann and ebee are CEOs of off-topic? Why? Do you think we deserve a higher status?
  • Ebee or Bee? Which nickname sounds better? Why?
  • How do you pronounce Ebee?
  • Why do you think everyone refers to me as she/her when my pronouns are obviously we/our? Why?
  • Do you believe the gummy bear conspiracy? Why? Have you heard of it?
  • Which corner of a ball is your favorite?
  • Do you think ebee is racist for including only armed men? Why? Emphasis on why
  • Is oxygen homophobic towards carbon dioxide? Who?
  • Are curly clothes sexist? Why?
  • Favorite emoji combination? When?
  • Would you eat fried shoes? What brand? Why? Which ones do you think would taste the best and which ones the worst? W h y ?
  • Do you want me to stop?
  • Would you join an RP? Which one? Why? When? How? Who?
  • Do you like armadillos? Where?
  • What is the best answer when someone asks “knock knock”?

Some more, I feel pretty inspired

  • What’s the weather where you live? Why? Do you like it? Who?
  • Opinion on discobot? Write at least two paragraphs on why
  • Do you like your fries salted or sugared?
  • I know this is controversial, but favorite kpop group? If you don’t listen to kpop, why?
  • Do you like red velvet? Would you listen to them? Do you think I’m obsessed? :star_struck:
  • Opinions on blue lemonade? The song? The drink? Where?
  • Who’s the genius that invented air? Can you thank them? Why?
  • Should I go RP and stop procrastinating? I’ll make it easier for you with a poll
  • No
  • No, but in a different color

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  • Do you like polls? Should I make other questions polls?
  • Heart been broke? What?
  • Why doesn’t putting in salt make things salty? When?
  • Did somebody once tell you the world was gonna roll you?
  • Are you the sharpest tool in the shed?
  • Was she looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb, in the shape of L on her forehead?
  • Do the years start coming? Do they stop coming?
  • Are you fed to the rules? Will you hit the ground running?
  • Does it make sense not to live for fun?
  • Does your brain get smart, but your head get dumb?
  • How much is there to do?
  • How much is there to see?
  • What’s so wrong with taking the backstreets?
  • You’ll never know if you don’t what?
  • Will you ever shine if you don’t glow?
  • Hey now, are you an all-star?
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Favorite question so far?

Is there anything you don’t want to be asked?

Is there anything you’re hoping is asked?


Favorite movie?


This one is just so deep

  • My own questions
  • not my own questions

Already answered

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:sob: I’m drawing a blank buttt

  • The most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?