Questions Thread - Littlefeets

What would be the worst place to get stuck with your family?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.?
What was something your parents lied to you about?
Do you believe in Santa?
Is climate change real?
Do you like airplanes?

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Have you ever sleep walked or sleep talked?

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What do you like to do to procrastinate on important tasks?
What do you do when you’re nervous?
What was the most shocking event of your life?
Would you stab someone if it wasn’t illegal?

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I’m not sure. Close to my family still if possible.

Not really

A bit of both.

Text mainly, sometimes email.


2 confirmed where I had a cast, but probably at least 1 or 2 more.

It is 3:21 pm for me right now.

I don’t really know of any real life drama.

I’m not a fan of politics.

I can’t think of anywhere really. I like being with my family so being stuck with them is good In my opinion.

Nope don’t have one and I’ve never had a boyfriend before.

I can’t recall anything they’ve actually lied to me about.






Either play a game on my phone or iPad, or rp.

I’m not sure actually.

Umm… I’m not sure. Maybe when I found out I was going to graduate high school a year early.

Yes. Yes I would.


Why were you going to graduate high school a year early? :sweat_smile::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
Do/did you like high school?
What’s your favourite phone game?
What app is the most underrated one?
What job would you be horrible at?
How many cups of water do you drink each day?

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What is your dream goal?
Do you like cats?
Why did you choose that particular profile?

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I had taken enough of the right classes to be able to graduate.

Yes I liked high school.


Um… maybe the calculator

A nurse

I don’t really drink much water

To work for Disney

Nope, like I said before

Profile pic or username?


Are you sad that in 20 hours, you won’t be the question star anymore?

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I guess a little. Though I wasn’t on those first couple days, this has been fun.


Do timezones confuse you? :eyes::sparkles:

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Have you ever written a story when you were young?

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Profile pic lol.

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Do you like the animal pfps I drew for some people on here? :eyes::sparkles:

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Yeah sometimes

Yeah I wrote some little stories when I was younger, then I played with dolls and created stories with them a lot. Then I still write stories

Well this profile pic is similar to the one I had previously I looked on google until I had a selection of them I liked then narrowed it down to this one because it looked cool and the girl in it looks kinda similar to me.

Ive only seen a couple of them, but they’ve looked nice


Should I have pmed you sooner? :sweat_smile::eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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Yeah… probably…


What grade are you in?
If you weren’t graduating early, when would you graduate?

I have people like this at my school lol. Many, actually. You choose the classes you want to take, so if you’re ahead you can graduate early.

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Sorry :sweat_smile::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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What’s your favourite number?
What’s your least favourite number?
Do you like numbers?
Do you prefer letters?
Do you like to write letters?
What’s your favourite meme?
Your favourite gif?
Best gift someone could give you?
What’s your aesthetic?
Do you like aesthetics?
Do you like Vsco?
Should we save the turtles?
Is this emoji :slight_smile: creepy?

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