Questions Thread - LunaticLeviTheSecond

Do you like to work? What’s your dream job?

Do you like to stargaze?

Do you like cheese filled pretzels?

What “aesthetic” does your own personal fashion fit under? Do you like fashion?

Do you like makeup?

Nothing, I am a cheapskate I guess

Music, alone time in my room, watching a movie, maybe one where somebody was wronged, angrily pacing about the room, googling pranks for my hated brother



Ye… oh you don’t mean astronomy, no I don’t believe in it

I wouldn’t say that any book really influenced me tbh, I haven’t read that many books, but if I had to pick I’d say Catcher in the Rye

I think I’m a night person, but only if it’s not a depresing night when nothing happens

Currently - Spring

This, and also music

I don’t know, when it comes to water I’m the first in it and the last out of it, so there’s really no time to tell if I burn on tan on a beach when I’m constantly shielded by water


Nothing, but I did remeber wanting to be a tiger at some point

Dunno, never been, but for some reason sometimes I am extremely interested in survival tactics

Ehh, not really

I live in Europe, even though it’s the part of Europe nobody cares about, but also the part of Europe that’s the most beautiful

Hehe I haven’t worked a day in my life :frowning:

Always, I’m procrastinating telling my boyfriend when we’re going on a date so …

No, all my friends are my age or close to it

How the f did we survive? Whatever worked, keep doing it!

My cousins, if they think something is a good idea, I’m defo trying it

I don’t

Yeah … But tbh I was weird as a kid … VERY weird

I like watching people with chemistry flirt, but I never really flirted with anybody

Just the other day, sat down next to her on a concert I didn’t know was happening and soon we started talking about all attractions in the town

According to my brother 0!

I don’t remeber … I’m blank RN

I think I do, but my arms sure don’t (I had to scratch because of it :frowning: )

Sure, why not … An elephant? They think we’re like tattoos so …

I’ve only been on dates with 1 person, and the first one happened this year, just a few months ago. It was great because it wasn’t awkward at all and we hit it of almost instantly

I never make that effort, but I never go on a date with this guy unless I washed my hair that day

Never been on a boring date …

Never been on one particularly interesting

To this guy I’m currently dating? Ask me in a few years, this just started …

I’m too immature plus it’s too soon even for mature people

Being together in his/mine bedroom/house and binging something probably with some snacks and drinks

None yet

Right now?


Hah no

I wouldn’t know, I’ve never looked for one? Maybe to like the things I like (check), to compliment me (check), and to be fun (check)

I don’t think I have a type … but maybe … just maybe … it’s funny people? I mean I had a crush on Simon Pegg

Maybe in my nightmares … No

Would never subject myself to something like that, that is too painful, ruins your body, you get a problem for at least 18 years of your life and I just recently learned that all the girl monthly time you missed you get payed back after the birth

Not really

Not really

A feeling caused by people’s need for company and the fact they’re the only living things, other than dolphins, that enjoy seggs

White sheet ghost

No, I don’t think I did

The toilet papers should NOT touch the wall, how dirty is the wall like seriously? That’s what you clean your body with, dirty wall toilet paper?

Eat butter, snorting salt will hurt

No, I’ve been to 2 weddings, but they’re from the daughters of a family friend

The non-exsistent ones


Allergy Mush

Theoden! He’s gonna rule the press!

Cake made of cookies?

Dog! Which is funny because I own a cat!


Both! Plus many more genres

Both, when I was a kid, the stuffed animals were the visitors to the dolls’ weddings

Baked Cottage Cheese filled Crepes, so that’s … more like pancakes

Hot Chocolate rather than mint tea, fruit flavored tea rather than hot chocolate

You asked this already

I’m afraid of calling people!

I don’t know … No preference

I like the French language, but hate the accent, and I like the Spanish language and the accent … So Spanish wins?

I’m Hot at Summer and wish it was winter, and I’m bored of christmas songs on Winter and wish it was summer … it’s a depressive tie

Theatre, I preffer watching a movie when I can pause it and make myself a dinner so I can eat it while I watch

I don’t know, love?


Depends on the food!


Snow, I hate rain, especially when you’re protected by an umberella, but the bottom of your pants still ends up soaked from the rain

Comedy, don’t like horrors

Hot dogs! Multiple … If I can have only one at a time, then it’s hamburgers

Both are good … I think Shrek 1 is disgusting, but I like human Shrek, and Harry Potter, the first few movies I’ve seen in childhood so I like them


Aren’t you basically a normal person if you stay up at night and sleep during the day until schedules for either work/school or something else cut in?

Shower, baths take long

I do it both at the same time (Meaning after I “douse” myself in water I turn of the water, shampoo and soap up, and continue showering)

Don’t have one

Idk chips?

Heart emojii

You suck

The fact that I have a boyfriend



My native language?

I don’t know

Answered this already on a previous post

Hair and eyes

The fact that I managed to get somebody to love me

In a ditch somewhere …

Of Mice and Men

Spider webs … don’t want it touching my skin …

It differes

solid 1


Czech, Petra, Greece

For being healthy

Tom Hiddleston!

The jewellery … I got a lot of it as a gift because I don’t wear jewellery (unless I’m meeting the person that bought them so they could be assured I’m wearing it)

Lutvina kahva, the famous Bosnian coffee

Probably something played by a dog whistle because If I could hear it I’d get sick of it instantly no matter how good a song is

already asked that … exect questions


You already asked those too

I don’t know, what does that mean?

I don’t know ask them I guess? I know it takes me a lot

I don’t know, I don’t think I remeber that happening

Nope, I could forgive but never forget

Probably, becuase my brother had to teach me how to play this one card game 3 times and I still don’t know the rules because it’s been a year since I’ve been taught the last time


If I do, I probably clicked on it and regretted it, but never unsubbed

Heh no



I don’t think so, I smile when I’m not lying which makes everybody think I’m lying which sometime makes me mad, but that’s it

They are endgame!

No, and I don’t have one

I don’t stargaze really, but the sky is so beautiful at home that some night when I look up I can see such beautiful stars everywhere.

Don’t think I tried it, but I tried a peanut filled pretzle stick and I love it

Wash day … I don’t really

One that makes me look better, yes, everything else, no

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Favourite anime?


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