Questions Thread - Nessie

Nope, I just accidentally forgot to delete those questions from the list :no_mouth::sweat_smile::eyes::sparkles:

Nope, you aren’t :eyes::sparkles:

And why? :eyes::sparkles:

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Because it seems like a nice place, and the home prizes are mostly low. (For rent)

Mlem mlem. Obviously. My sister has been fed up with it, because I say mlem mlem literally always. Grats Deluge.

When one of my teachers told me that Is I’ll never be able to write anything, because I am a terrible writer. But now, here I am, all of my teachers are begging me to write a book :joy:

I don’t have a favorite, but I like listening to songs in YouTube, or watch Halloween diys.

I am not sure. I don’t think so.

Very often :sweat_smile:

I prefer knives, but I like them.

Cereal first. :eyes:

They are okay, I guess.

Used to.

Nah, I am actually kinda looking forward to it.


Is that German?

Um, what? :eyes: I must be missing something.

Anything ya want.

No, ducks are ducks.
Duck= smart, feathery, cute, not human
Human= dumb, bare, not duck


I wouldn’t change anything, I am used to me. Plus, I look like Kurt Cobain, and I don’t wanna change that :grin:

To not suicide.

If they are nice enough to have me talking to them, yes.


The what now?! :scream:



Yes, right now I have 3.000+ euros saved up!

My wrist bone got off its place, two years ago. I still have a problem with it.

I don’t, but I wish I could get one on my right arm. I think tattoos kind of describe you, and the tattoo I want to get has a deep meaning for me.

Faking the fact that you have a mental illness, when you don’t!

Dog: Datchund. (Do we spell it like this?)
Cat: I don’t know any cat breeds.


I cry when I have anxiety attacks, and I have anxiety attacks a lot.

Nah, I don’t give a damn about what people think.

Caramel soap smell :yum:

I once bought a homeless person some food and we chatted for a while.

I kicked a guy in… You know where :sweat_smile: because he wanted to fight with me. He just ran away.

Well, getting murdered is very cool.

While giving birth, you suffer all this pain, and you never get to see your baby in the end. :cry:

Probably deaf, because if I was blind I wouldn’t be able to do the things I enjoy doing (except listening to music)

Yes. But if someone pisses me off, well…

Plate-y stuff.

I like Australian accents, and British ones. (Mostly British)

Stare outta the window, or at my favorite wall.

The Space Between Us

A Dark Knight

A daughter, I guess.

Um, yes? :sweat_smile:

Not sure, SpongeBob? :joy: Especially now, that I understand the adult jokes…

What kind of question is that? :joy:

No, not at all! I actually walk very fast, to avoid social interactions.

Nah. Too lazy to paint 'em.


Cats… Breeding.




Yesterday, anxiety attack.

They are okay.

Pfft, can’t count, they are too many :sweat_smile:

School books. But I won’t do it. (Soon)

Old books

Eh… Yeah…


No, never.


Could be better

To some people, but I always make sure I don’t annoy them.



Nah, too busy.

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face: (Three times)

Umm, they simply don’t exist?

I don’t know…

Well… :sweat_smile::eyes: Instead of “did you know Ivy took drugs” I typed “did you know I took drugs” :joy:
And then rumors started spreading… :eyes:

Black in light mode, white in dark mode


South Pole.

Is wouldn’t. Wars have a major impact on Earth, and lead us here. We are fine. Others will be fine. Maybe not, but it is better to stay this way.

Yes, but I prefer serial killers. :blush:

All your polls are eyemazing!

They are green because they contain chlorophyll.


My best friend and I have an inside joke that when we say “Back to the topic” then we immediately say “hello Henry” and wave, because there was a TV show going on by then, and everyone said “hello Henry” waving :joy:

(Will continue later…)


Oui :eyes::sparkles:

It’s a traditional festival (?) in Bavaria, ironically it takes place in September :upside_down_face::eyes::sparkles:


(Some questions aren’t mine, searched them on google lol)

  • What would your perfect Saturday be like?
  • Cake or pie?
  • What’s your dream job?
  • How are you?
  • Do you like coffee?
  • Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
  • If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what name would you pick?
  • Do you have pet(s)?
  • What is The funniest thing you have ever seen a stranger do?
  • What are your 3 favourite movies/books? (depends on what you like more movies or books)

Really? Me too :grinning:

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What’s your opinion on lemonade? :thinking:

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It is very nice (and lemonade-y), but I prefer pink lemonade. (raspberry + lemon)

Maybe meeting up with my best friend, we haven’t seen each other since summer, and we would talk about aliens and stuff. :sweat_smile:

Cake, I am not such a big fan of pie.

Programming apps at home probably. Being a freelancer sounds nice.

Not okay, but thanks for asking!

Yes, but I prefer tea.

My favorite teacher is my biology teacher, she is very nice and friendly.

I like Naja (pronounced Nayah) but maybe I would go with Elisabeth.

Yes, and even though I used to have: 30+ fish, 2 dogs, one rabbit, and one turtle they all died. Now I am stuck with two goldfish.

Well, I have seen a stranger wearing weird Disney merch and singing “Let It Go” :joy:

I like both movies and books, so I will name both.

Books: The Alchemist, Brave New World, A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Movies: Star Wars, X-Men, A Dark Knight, Interstellar, Joker, Memento and a lot of other movies…




No one cared enough to send me a funny DM.

Whatever you want. It is almost the same thing.

The ones that have a plastic diamond on top.

All Star

Capitalism probably, because I have written a story about communism, and the characters are so sad :cry:

Not really, but feel free to ask me some :sweat_smile:

Yes, many times, but not on the forums, just in real life.

I don’t know, I didn’t really like Frozen.


It depends on my friendship status with them, mostly, I don’t give a damn, but if it is with people I am close with, I care about them more.

Nah, I don’t think so, but I sometimes cry so hard that then I laugh.

That skinny people are considered prettier than curvy or chubby ones.


Yes, and I am trying to not waste as much as I used to

Yes, how did you guess?

Yes, it’s… Refreshing


Dark mode!

Well, I definitely would like to become a leader, but whoever @/Shanniiwrites thinks is best.

I don’t know, ask them :eyes:

Having your date over, and eat pizza together :sweat_smile:

Yes, maybe one where people ask questions about the uni-swan, and you reply to them based on what swan would say

Days :joy:

Spaghetti monster? :joy:

Underwater, in an ocean in space.

Of course I did!

Maybe :eyes:


A little

Not really, maybe a little :eyes:

I would turn into a black widow


No! (Unless I find stray money on the ground :sweat_smile:)

I have already seen it

Of course not!

No, I wish I did.

More than a hundred.

“You wouldn’t get it”


Zero, I don’t really think I am photogenic…



So it can bite you. Kiddin’ maybe because it was homeless :cry:


No, I never do.

Used to, I forgot. :cry:

Around 23:11



(Will continue later)


Samee :star_struck:

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There aren’t any dumb questions.


They’re okay

I don’t think so

Yes, they look perfectly messy.

Basket, ping pong and a little footie

If it makes you happy :grin:

Because you probably needed advice.

I joined the last one


Yes! (Shocking fact: I got my ears pierced when I was 4!)

Pink lemonade or tea.

All Star


No, why would I do that? :sweat_smile:

I like many riddles, can’t choose :sweat_smile:

Not that I can think of. All the books I have read have shaped me in a way.

Even though I don’t really think he gives us the presents, it is a possibility that he blesses us with other gifts, like happiness, good health etc.

It is possible

Kurt Cobain, because I really like his music, and many people think I look like him. (But he’s dead :sob:)

3.5 - 4.0 in US sizes

What if cows drunk milk? :thinking:

I like a lot of forum games, can’t choose! :sweat_smile:

All forum games are eyemazing.

I think you should

Ahem → :new_moon::dizzy: :sweat_smile:

You love your eye army? :grin:


A potato portrait.


Get bullied by someone, I wouldn’t stoop so low

Mhm :grin:

Because it’s that awkward moment between birth and death.

I don’t really like mushrooms, or eggs. I used to like those but not anymore.

Well, I definitely like my question thread. :eyes:

Dunno, maybe closed threads are better this way.

Not committing suicide.

Nope, I have never had a crush on a forum user.

A lot of people!

Only community stories. And some of them.

Halloween 2018 Google Doodle

I don’t know :sweat_smile:

Hmmm, I once ate nine slices of pizza, without having someone to stop me.

They are cute

Maybe :eyes:

Get murdered.

Maybe, maybe not.

Yes! :grin:

When my mom told me my grandpa died :thinking::pensive:

To some people

Can’t choose, they are both so cute and fluffy :eyes:

Coconut with chocolate

Gain superpowers :thinking:

It wasn’t really creepy, mostly disturbing. My sister had died there.

They are weird, but also kinda fun

Some forum games that never got discovered

Well :eyes::sweat_smile: It actually depends on what kind of drama it is.

Yes, but not as cold as it is where you live

I own a book that talks about a world where people are not happy, and are forced to entertain themselves with sex and drugs :eyes:

I like the Episode and Wattpad platform

Too lazy to count them, but they are kinda a lot

In real life an elementary kid asked me if I take drugs.

When I was reading one of my essays and someone was laughing so hard at a thing I said.

I don’t have one.

What’s there to believe? If they do exist they are just wandering around.

No, what makes you think that?

Chemistry and biology


“You wouldn’t get it”

Yes and yes

I am sure you can think of something :sweat_smile:


Italian and German

My childhood bully.

A lot :sweat_smile:

All my All Star shoes



I like both!



Scorpions songs

My grandpa, so he can see his grandson for the first time. (My new cousin)

Probably 0, don’t take this as an opportunity to annoy me by tagging me :joy:

Beep test?

No, they shouldn’t.

No one is annoying.

Never been in a relationship. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure, they are all nice.

“You wouldn’t get it”




Music is art.

When people assume that I am dumb.


I like cacti


No, but I might check it out :eyes:

Brave New World




The future.

I am not sure, I am used to me.

Pennyroyal tea. :black_heart:

About two hours :joy:

Yes, but I bottle it up


Crazy in what way? :thinking:


I have seen someone propose to a waitress, then telling her that he is actually in love with his brother so he can’t marry her. (Yes, I dared that person)


A small bath bomb that costed 3€, but the person liked it, so

An awful tee.

How cocaine changes your eyes? :eyes:


Don’t think so

How did I miss that? :scream: I will go check it out someday!

Not really

Depends on the question!

(Will continue later)

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@Nessie Do you like spicy food? :purple_heart: :butterfly:
Do you eat the ceiling sometimes?

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And why? :eyes::sparkles:

They do when they’re still babies :eyes::sparkles:

Will you show us the potato portrait please? :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

You are one of the lucky people who don’t know about it :scream::eyes::sparkles:

Why not? :crying_cat_face::broken_heart::eyes::sparkles:

Why? :eyes::sparkles:

Why? :eyes::sparkles:

Is it weird that I ask “why?” so often? :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::joy:

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Yes, how did you know :scream:
No offense though, but I prefer human flesh…

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Fine… :joy:

Because they are not mature enough to do so. I think the world should be taken over by aliens since they are more mature. Or alien cats :smirk:

Because the last is in the past, but I would like to speed up the future.

Because they are immortal.

Nah, it’s fun! It actually reminds me a lot of how I was as a toddler :joy:

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Why? :eyes::sparkles:

Why? :eyes::sparkles:

Why? :eyes::sparkles:

Why? :eyes::sparkles::wink::joy:

I already stated why, aliens are more mature :eyes:

Because I said so, no reason :grin:

I don’t know ask the one who made them up

I asked “why” all the time, and it always ended up with me asking why the universe was made :joy:

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No, just insects. :eyes:

Yes, but only from you. Why don’t you dare more people to ask me questions? :smile::joy:

You would delete the thread :thinking:


Press it to find out, I have no idea :sweat_smile:

T.I.M.E. stories

I like a lot of puns.

No one told me :sob:

You’ll miss me


I like most of them!

Nah, I am okay with answering, not many people see my answers anyway

Nah, some were tricky

Potatoes. :black_heart:

Only when I am bored, and then I delete them.

English, even though I am Greek

You are definitely one of my favorites

Very long straight oily hair, that makes you look like a rat. I feel sorry for the people who have hair like that.

My sister :smiling_imp:

I would lick my mom’s flip flops.

whispers yes

An equation, with the final result being 2.

All drawings have potential, I don’t have a least favorite (probably)

I think that if you try to annoy Deluge and actually succeed, you will get banned.


I was returning home from school and I was almost there, until I realized a man with a hoodie followed me all the way from school to (almost) my house, and I wanted to make sure if he really followed me, so I took a few turns around my neighborhood’s block, and he was still following me, and one think I know is that if someone follows you, NEVER go home. So I decided to go to school again, and he still followed me, so I started running a little, and he ran too, and I got worried and I ran as fast as I could to get into my school, and I finally got in, and closed the gate (it locks automatically) and he was there, staring at me for a couple of moments and then he left so I just asked my mom to come pick me up.

I don’t remember any :sweat_smile:

Errr, many times, I don’t count :joy:

If they want to

(Will continue later)


They are both awful.

More than 100 for sure :sweat_smile:


no yes

If you want to be one.

Never really tried that, but I guess?

Nah, too lazy to do that.

So it can support your+your furniture+your pets’+your family’s+your roomies’ weight.


No, of course not!

Yes :eyes:

I don’t know, but they indeed do smell nicey

I am not even gonna check, because I am sitting in a sofa against the wall. But if there was, then wow.


About what? I didn’t even check.

I didn’t check. I am not going to, sorry :sweat_smile: too lazy to move

I mean, it’s my house, so yes

Depends on the banana, I sometimes need a gun, an axe, and a lightsaber to peel one.

Questions Thread?

Unfortunately I am


“You wouldn’t get it”

Don’t have one

Human flesh

Grunge and metal

Don’t have one

Kurt Cobain

Chemistry and biology

I don’t have a favorite, all polls are eyemazing

You wouldn’t get it

A classic blue pen


You, maybe

I love all mods, but @Mysterious_Tea is my favorite, with a really short difference from the other mods.

“You wouldn’t get it”

Don’t have a favorite riddle or poem

The Alchemist

I don’t know

I don’t remember any

I like dressing up as a vampire or witch.

The classic way? :sweat_smile:

I like my eyes :eyes:

I like all questions

Hmmmmmmmmm, the Shanniiwrites forums app?

This one

Basketball and ping pong


Kiwi and platyyyyyyyyypuuuuuuuuuus

Nirvana and Iron Maiden


I don’t know :sweat_smile:


Potato (is it a vegetable? :joy::thinking:)


Fresh outta the wood, or recycled

I don’t know, I like most





Because the sun is rising?

Yes :eyes:



My sister, to ask for food

I mean, if you want to

Barging out of the classroom because I had an anxiety attack and then entering again doing the walk of shame :pensive:


I just ate chicken nuggets :scream:
They are awesome!


Loch Ness


Eh, yes

Just tag me everywhere. NO DON’T :angry:

I am weird :slightly_smiling_face:

How old are these questions? :scream::eyes:

Those weird appreciation threads :joy:

Not really, it is just fun to read these zodiac posts in Instagram

I haven’t really understood how it works, might as well check it out

One hour ahead of Germany, I believe :thinking:
16:30 (almost)

If you want to

Yes :eyes:

No, I am sure you will find something else to ask :joy::new_moon::dizzy:

(Will continue later)


Two weeks? :sweat_smile::eyes::sparkles:

Which one of them do you like the most? :smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles:

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There’s an app?

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