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Questions Thread- phlegmatic

For this week’s Question Thread, we have @phlegmatic ! Congratulations!

If any of you have any questions for them, feel free to post below! If you wanna blow up their notifications, feel free to @ them, too!

The questions can be as silly as you like. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines – no swearing or NSFW/mature questions, please!

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Hi ask me literally anything you’ve always wanted to know about me


Favorite color? Favorite song? Songs you recommend? Favorite animal?

  • If you could have an ideal pet (even a mythological one) what would it be?
  • What was your favorite fairytale (or story) when you were a kid?
  • What is your favorite fruit? (coconuts count)
  • What are some of your favorite characters (from anything: books, movies, shows, anime)?
  • Do you have a funny friend or family memory? (example: One day I found some surprising photos of my nephew and niece making funny faces on my phone. Turned out they knew my pin and sneakily took the pictures.)
  • Do you own a pair of red shoes?
  • Did you ever have an article of clothing that was your favorite? (my current favorite is a champagne gold hued shirt with a ribbon attached at the collar)

Why did you choose your username?

How do I you spend your time?

Give me a schedule of what you do on a daily basis?

Favorite books? Why?

Do you like classical literature or like a certain classical book?

Unpopular opinion?

Best thing you’ve ever done?

Best gift you’ve received?

Favorite teacher?

In your opinion, what makes a good teacher?

Favorite forum moment?

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Hey, do you like power metal, vampires, and cowboys?

Do you have a favorite dinosaur?

Hey @QuestionsThread people, remember to ask questions if you haven’t had a question thread and really want one!

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  • If you were offered the position of mayor of your city, would you take it?
  • What are 3 things in nature you find most beautiful?
  • If you were a worm, how long would you be?
  • The person you would never want to meet?
  • If you get rid the world of one disease what would it be?
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JUST NO FAVORITES. I can’t pick favorites. :sob:

I recommend songs that are labeled in the post grunge, j-metal, death metal, nu-metal, emo, emo rap genre. Love them all mf. Oh and country.

I actually do have a playlist of all the songs I love love love!! Recommend them all!


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I want a cat of my OWN.

Idk lol I loved all the Barbie movies and Disney (Princesses) movies.

No favorite… All of them are yummy.

Hmmm… I don’t even know to be honest. It’s too hard to determine what people I like most. In person, my favorite is my best friend. Fiction wise, I got a big list. People like Ken Kaneki, Eve from Killing Eve, Ryuuk, Kayo and Satoru from Erased. So much moreeee.

Lol when me and my best friend/significant other make dad jokes that are so fitting yet unexpected to the situation. Or when a friend of mine and I make all people down to bank managers laugh. Just funny to always be so serious yet so humorous in situations with my s/o and friends.

I do not currently, no.

Not that I can think of!

Tried finding a word for the way I’ve always felt inside and it blew me away that a word was made and defined exactly my experience. So I chose it. I want it to resemble me.

What do you mean by that exactly?

Work, work, reading, music, games, music, books, reading, talking to my favorite person, then sleeping. All whilst thinking over every single little thing I observe.

So far Catcher in the Rye, No Longer Human, and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. All of them have touched me, and speak volumes into all aspects of my life. I always favoritize any book with in-depth thinking and well-rounded perception.

I do like classical literature!!

I shouldn’t have to be the “bigger person” to be right and far more mature.

Loved my life.

Love from my significant other. Appreciation. Recognition. Open ears.

No favorite but I am pretty cool with the people who teach me now.

The ability to provide learning guides and lessons that involve all learning types, and ones that remain emotionless and don’t talk about their political, religious, philosophical perspectives in efforts to manipulate a student.

There’s a lot of them. XD

Yes, yes, yes. All fascinating.


Yes. 100%. Would I have no hesitation? No, I would. I still would though.

Horizons, ecosystems/habitats, and f*cking space dude. SPACE!!!

The kind of person that would kill me if I say no…

Alzheimers disease.

@Zeno_of_Elea @WritingWithStars @MichiTheThird @Ouijaloveletters hopefully those answers are interesting enough. :smiley:


Heh, sorry! You should’ve told us before hand!

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I mean I do have favorites but VERY LITTLE!


That’s fair.

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What’s up with the name?
Do you have a job?
Any siblings?
Who’s your favorite artist?
What’s your favorite book?
How was your day?

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I need to find you a dinosaur you will like

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