Questions to Ask When Creating a Character

We all know that creating a character is not that simple task at all. You have to think it through and make sure they don’t look or sound silly at all and that they are likeable enough for you to portray without any problems. There are many methods into this, one being this: ask yourself some questions.

So, @RPers, here are some questions for you to ask yourself if ever you are in the process of creating a character (and also when developing them)! Drop your ones too if you have them ^~^

What is your character’s life goal?

Every character has a purpose in life they’ve set for themselves. What are yours? Creating a goal for your character can define them in so many ways—their approach in life, their history, etc. Also, this will help you know where this character is going.

Why is this their goal?

Of course, if you want something them there must be a reason as to why. Do they want to become a fashion designer? Why? Is it just passion or is there something deeper?

How important is this goal to them?

Some goals are very important, while some not much. If your character wants to be a fashion designer, is this a fixed goal or can/will it be changed at some point? And is this goal really what they want, or is it just a cover for something else?

How do they plan to achieve this goal?

Aggressively? Relaxed?

How do they treat people? How do they approach life?

Basically, what is their personality?

How did they grow up? How were they shaped into the person they are right now?

What kind of environment was their childhood? Was it fun, was it full of hardships? Everyone has a history that tells you about who they are right now or why they became who they are right now.

What makes the character them?

What is the one detail or aspect that, when you think of, reminds you of the character? Or that just sets them off other characters in a way? Why do they deserve to be another character and not just another trait of another one?


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