Radio Ouija! 👻(Send in requests for me to sing)

@LHT suggested I do this. Send in songs, and I’ll sing them. I’m away now though, so send in requests, and I’ll get to the requests on Friday. So sorry I can’t do them sooner.


What kind of music do you like singing? Soprano or alto? What languages can you sing in?

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I’m a mezzo soprano, and preferably English, but I can do German and some Japanese.

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Can you do the AOT theme song :eyes:

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Alright, I’m back!

If the song was too difficult, I don’t blame you as me and my friends vocal chords have died before while trying to sing the AOT song :joy:

Here is my back-up request in case AOT doesn’t work out .Can you sing “All star” by Smash Mouth instead? It should be pretty easy and it’s in English as well :eyes:

Oh, I’m really good at All Star. I’ll still try Guren no Yumiya

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Guren no Yuma is a no…

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I can do snow fairy from Fairy Tail. I’ve sung it before. All Star

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Cute !

Thanks! Any more?

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Got a genre preference?

No rap. Other than that, nope.

You just give me a song, and I’ll say if I’ll sing it or not

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I’m listening to The Goo Goo Dolls now

Well the only song I know from them is “Iris” so why not sing that ? :thinking::eyes:


That’s a nice slow song