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:sparkles:Hey welcome to rainy’s art shop :sparkles:

I will be taking cover,splash,profile pic, background edits, art scene and overlay requests

Here are some examples

Profile pic

More to come



Don’t have any yet



Background edit

Don’t have any yet

Art scene

Don’t have any yet

Request forms

Cover request

Title ~
Author name ~
Large or small or both cover ~
Character details ~
Character outfit ~
Story description ~
Drawn or edited ~
Limelight or ink ~
Font style ~
Font color ~

Splash request

What you want it to say ~
Do you want characters in it ~
If yes send the Characters details and outfit ~
Description of background/attach background image ~
Font style ~
Font color ~

Art scene request

Drawn or edited ~
Style (Ink, LL) ~
Number of characters ~
Character Details ~
Character Clothing ~
Background ~
Pose ~
Extras ~

Profile pic request

Drawn or Edited ~
Ink or limelight ~
Character Details ~
Character Outfit ~
Background ~
Theme ~
Additional Info ~

Banner credit to @Omelet



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Added the shop tag :v:

Nice shop btw

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Hi are you still working on the covers? No pressure I was just wondering when you’d be finished it.

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Thx keep up the great work xx

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And welcome 4 days late

Hello can you please make me a cover :crown::two_hearts:

Title ~ the white witch
Author name ~ soph.writez
Large or small or both cover ~ both
Character details ~

Okay so the girls details are
Skin: light
Face: oval
Eyes: upturned feline/ blue
Hair: charcoal/ beach waves
Nose: elven
Eyebrows: defined natural
Mouth: classic/skarlet

Skin: light
Mouth: uneven
Nose: button
Hair: platinum blonde/short cropped hair
Eyes: general almond/ brown
Eyebrows: medium sharp
Face: defined triangle

Character outfit ~
Boy: Basic Sneakers (Black), ripped punk pants,
Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey True

Girl: punk looked skirt, Shirt with Suspenders (White), black beach day skater shoes

Pose~ arms
crossed on both characters with cheeky grins
Story description ~ I used to sit alone, I used to be a witch then you came along
I used to be only what the nighttime knew but now you’re the witch, little thing on a golden broom, I’ve sent you flying through the stars and the moon

Background~ EXT. SECRET GARDEN HOUSE it’s not on episode anymore it will be on google
Drawn or edited ~ I’ve only ever had edited so maybe I’ll try drawn
Limelight or ink ~ INK
Font style ~ Cursive, but still readable
Font color ~ whatever colour looks good when your done. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Hey Rainy! What’s up? Is my cover ready yet? It was for a story called Hotel Black Rose.

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Hey! And not yet :sweat:

That’s okay, take your time. Do you know how much time you’ll need?

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Probably a few days. Idk

Oh, that’s totally ok. Just let me know when it’s ready my first chapters will be ready by the end of the week. :two_hearts:

i was told to put my new deets here for my cover?

so here you go

boy deets

Face shape: defined triangle
skin tone: light
lips:uneven (peach)
nose: button
eyebrows: narrow
eyes: stoic almond (i could swear it was different)
eye color: green
extras he has arm tattoo sleeve (INK regular male tattoo)
and he has freckles

Girl deets

face shape: oval
skin tone: light
lips: full round (ruby red)
nose: upturned
eyebrows: seductive arch
eye shape: upturned feline (taupe)
extras: she has freckles and a tattoo on her upper arm (i completely forgot the pose i chose for this)
She has a tattoo also but it wont ket me up load my comment with the image in it so :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
She also has freckles

If i am missing anything just tell me and i will give to ya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have no idea if i am even doing this right

username on forums is @Aliciaboo13 but i could not log in on here for some reason :woman_shrugging:t3:
So i made a new acc


Same pose?

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yeah thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hey i was wondering if you are done with my request? :two_hearts:

Not a request, but where do you get your fonts from?


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