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Random Episode Opinions

I know I’ve not done a thread in such a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time because I have been busy with life. Anyway, let’s talk about random Episode opinions you may have!

Okay, here’s mine:

I remember the time I used to be like ‘LL is better than INK’ and now I’m like, I like both of the art styles. Some stories are great in LL, some stories are great in INK. I know there’s LL version of the stories that were written in INK but sometimes, there isn’t any point in waiting for the updates in LL version since some of the authors may be busy with everything going on with their lives or because they lost the passion for writing on Episode.

We can all agree that the featured stories on Episode are cringe and hypocritical! Funny Episode preach about making the app 13+ yet the featured stories they advertise are like rated M/R. Makes no freaking sense!

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  • I don’t like “You” stories where the main character is a reader-insert because they usually have no real personality, and even when they have a backstory, it’s usually nothing like my life anyway, so why would I play as ‘me’ if my fictional mom is the total opposite of my real mom, the MC doesn’t even like what I like, and nothing about the MC’s life is usually relatable to me? If the author is going to allow readers to name the MC because some people do enjoy self-inserting, at least give us a default name so we can use the name the author envisioned.

  • Type-in choices feel so fake. Like why ask me what my favorite singer or food is if I can’t have an authentic conversation about it with any other character? They’ll just react to it, no matter what I type it, but me knowing it’s not a genuine reaction just makes it feel pointless.

  • Why do we have dogs and horses BUT NOT CATS??!!


Oh man, tell me about it! It makes no sense when the main character is called “You” after you given the MC a name. It would have been better to just give the default name in the first place.

Yep, what if the character doesn’t like what we like? Makes no sense!

Tell me about it!!! There needs to be cats in Episode! I want to see lots of Episode stories about cats.