Random Opinions & Pet Peeves: Music Edition

Since I decided not to name this as unpopular opinion because most of the opinions may be popular. So this is a mixture of both popular & unpopular a long with your pet peeves in music. Feel free to share yours!
But remember, no arguments.

  • Camilla Cabello is overrated and her song Havana is irritatingly repetitive
  • Ariana Grande is overrated
  • Neffex are awesome
  • Oasis is overrated
  • Paramore are overrated
  • Lil Kim is better than Nicki Minaj
  • Bands like: A Day To Remember, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon (not a fan of them), Sleeping With Sirens, Chelsea Grin all count as metal
  • Nicole Scherzinger is a pretty good singer
  • Machine Gun Kelly is better than Eminem
  • Iggy Azalea is better than Cardi B
  • KPOP is good but their fanbase can be annoying (not all of them of course)
  • You can listen to metal and like other genres of music at the same time
  • I prefer songs over music videos

Also, feel free to rant about music in general.


Agreed. Stan Normani :sparkles:

Finally found someone else that likes Lil Kim! I like both but I find Kim more likeable.




Never heard of them so no opinion yet! :joy:

I have to agree

I love paramore but people act like Hayley Williams is the greatest female front person in the pop punk scene, like a “queen of the emos” type thing and while I love her I don’t love her that much

Dislike both

Yeah they all do (only a fan of early BMTH)

Meh I can take her or leave her

I’m familiar with both but I can’t decide who is better

Dislike both

I’m not a fan of KPOP but I’ve met both good and bad fans

Indeed you can

Lol I prefer the video but at the same time I love songs because I like to try and think of my own video

I find Camilla Cabello very arrogant tbh. It’s just her personality really annoys me! I don’t mind 5H (they should be called 4H now) but Camilla Cabello is annoying af.

Remember that disstrack against Nicki Minaj? That was gold! For some reason, the rivalry between Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj reminds me of the rivalry between me and my cousin from Bangladesh. I’m Lil Kim and she’s Nicki Minaj.

Lool I almost wrote Minja :joy::joy::joy::joy:


My opinions

  • I dislike when the only reason people don’t like a certain kind of music or band/artist is because it’s “mainstream”

  • You should be nice to others regardless of their music taste, I really don’t like country music but I don’t attack people who do

  • being rude about band members girlfriends/wives is just immature and rude, as is creating hate pages

  • if somebody says they don’t like music you like you shouldn’t take it personally and call them “stupid” or “ignorant” just accept that they don’t like it, unless they are being rude about it but if they just say “sorry not my thing” then don’t get all defensive

  • if a band changes their sound to something you don’t like and you prefer the older stuff that is fine support and listen to the older stuff it doesn’t stop existing because they release something different. Calling them sellouts and telling them to go back to their old stuff won’t change anything.

  • if someone has a different music taste to you, don’t try to convert them by insulting the bands they like and making them listen to the bands you like


Yeah, it’s irritating when her fans act like she’s the only goddess in pop punk. There’s a lot of good female vocalists out there like Amy Lee, Maria Brink, Simone Simons, Tarja (I forgot her surname and she was from Nightwish), Sharon Van Adel.

I liked the old BMTH. I don’t hate them now but they’re alright, their fangirls really annoy me with their nonsense! Especially when they were all over Hannah Snowdon which I think she’s overrated af!

Haha even though I don’t really like music videos, I can see where you’re coming from.

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Amy Lee and Maria Brink are amazing

As are Lzzy Hale, Ashley Costello and Ariel Bloomer

Hayley is not the only female on the scene


Never heard of Ariel Bloomer. Which band is she in?

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Icon for hire, they’re pretty good

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Afrobeats and soca music needs to be appreciated more

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Here’s mine:

  • UK music is stale at the moment and I want to hear someone other than Ed Sheeran - I miss the Sugarbabes, Jessie J, Girls Aloud, the Saturdays, the Noisettes, Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis, M.I.A etc.
  • Rap isn’t just about money and drugs you just need to listen to different rappers
  • Azealia Banks has bops even though she’s problematic
  • Listening to non-mainstream stuff doesn’t make you better than other people
  • Female artists shouldn’t be judged by how much/little they wear
  • I LOVE Marina and the Diamonds but her fans are annoying sometimes - they tear down other female artists even though Marina’s a feminist
  • I don’t think Beyonce’s overrated - she had to work really hard to get where she is
  • iyla, Au/Ra and RAY BLK are too underrated
  • Colourism plays a big part in the music industry
  • Everyone says Marina’s best album is Froot but I genuinely think it’s TFJ
  • Songs from kids shows are actually really good: Tear it Down - Camp Rock, I Don’t Dance - HSM, anything from 4’O Clock Club, anything from Freefonix

I remember freefonix! :joy: I agree with everything you said btw

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I thought I dreamt that show up! I miss it so much and wish we got a series 2

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Honestly for years I thought I’d made it up too because my brother doesn’t remember it

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One of my favourite Nicki songs is Roman’s Revenge and one of my favourite Kim songs is Black Friday :joy:

CBBC doesn’t have theme songs like this anymore:

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That brought back memories :joy:, CBBC has kinda gone downhill since childhood anyway or maybe I’m just too old :sob: my childhood is ending


I tried watching the new CBBC shows but the only one I liked was So Awkward. CBBC either has new shows that are new versions of their old stuff or they drag out a show they made ages ago. I’m still mad they continued 4’O Clock Club after the OGs left + the dumping ground’s new episodes are boring. I think the last good show they made was Hetty Feather.


I love Normani!


Unpopular Opinion:

i am not a fan of cardi b, she is annoying and arrogant. Period