Reading Raffle Claimed Tickets

Hi all!

I have decided to disclose the list of claimed tickets for everyone to see! That way, people who don’t have stories but have tickets can choose which stories they would like to boost and feature!

Please see this link for the current claimed tickets:

To check if you have unclaimed tickets or to claim tickets, please see Claim Your Reading Raffle Tickets Here!

To find out the rules about the Reading Raffle, how you can enter and how you can get more tickets, please see The Reading Raffle thread!

Good luck!


Has everyone submitted your raffle tickets? If you want a chance for your story or even a friend’s story to be read by @ChaoticDeluge then please head to this link: Claim Your Reading Raffle Tickets Here!

This is a great opportunity for you to get exposure to your work! Also, others can give you their opinions on what they think once they heard the story!


Was this the wrong thing to update? @ForumStaff


Uh… I’m assuming this is no longer being done?