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Realms of Westeria

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Westeria: the realm of hope for new lives and journies. Once, it was a land that flourished with magic, the relationship between human and nature at an equilibrium. It was the perfect balance as society grew, technologies advancing and breakthroughs in arcane abilities. The people here were known for being powerful spellcasters, masters of the elements, researchers into new magic domains, and students who thrived on being the next heroes.

As time passed, there emerged a growing dispute between the people centring on the main economic values, scientific discoveries, or magic. Those who held a higher affinity with magic started to distance themselves from those who claimed that society would only advance with new technologies. Sides were taken, and skirmishes broke out. Even the government broke into factions, unable to solve the growing divide. An attempt was made to split the land, but it only ended in disaster. As families packed up and left, others stayed behind based on affordability. Cities started to clear out, new ones being made.

Even the new society wasn’t perfect. Selenium, the land of science flourished in their achievements going on to build momentous contraptions and gizmos. The carbon emissions started to kill off the flora there, and even if substitute machines were built to stabilise life, the damage was done.

Lakora, the land of the mystical were magic is the only rule. Sorcerers trained together and learned new technics, more efficient methods of communications and transportation. No longer were the basic elements the norm, people were now harnessing abilities unheard of, combining them, controlling them.

The settled land wasn’t enough to disperse the tension in the air. The borders became places for riots that became full-on fights, that became wars. The people decided that there could only be one, science or magic, and in the end, they would see which method was superior.

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It has been about one year into the war, and you are a cadet fighting valiantly for your faction. Whether it is by choice or not, whether you left a family behind or not, all you know now is that you must end up winning. The abilities of the arcane, or the genius and creativity of technology, how will you define your story through Westeria?

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FC - Lakora [ :crystal_ball: ]

FC - Selenium [ :dna: ]


• Censor curse words
• Keep the ORP to the RP/SG chat
• No mature scenes in the RP/SG thread
• No one-liners because it’s counterintuitive to continue a story with such little information to build upon
• Write in the third person. We want to keep the plot from being too personal. Acceptions are allowed if you ask.
Write the location/faction of your character


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Lakora takes the northern half of the continent, known for it’s swinging temperatures and lovely florals. The seasons are diverse and colourful, the animal population abundant in all the present towns. Even before the official divide, the culture was always about expression and emotions. The people would wear colours bases on their mood or the weather, and swaps throughout the day wouldn’t be abnormal. Lakora is about trust and compassion, sharing supplies and memories.

The magic here comes from the flora, and there have been many theories on this over time. The long-standing idea was that magic existed in the air for everyone to gather and use. However, recent conjoined research between factions proved that it was a cycle between flora and fauna through cellular respiration and photosynthesis. The Lakorites dedicated regions of their land to protecting and preserving the plants and trees that grew there, establishing many government-protected areas. The more plants around, the stronger the energy, and thus, one can find bountiful flowers all through the towns.

There are many ways to use arcane abilities, but fundamentals tend to start in the classic elemental abilities. Children are taught from young ages about channelling fire and water, using them to heal and harm respectively, yet also learning the repercussions from abusing magic. As they grow up, the magic branched out to the limits’ on one’s imagination and skill. Between all the ways of casting spells, it’s become a diverse way of personal expression and freedom, stemming from using runes, playing cards with signals, wands and other objects to channel magic, or even telekinetic-based moves. There are plenty of strict rules in place to keep the creative damage to a minimum, but events do happen every once and then. All the people can do afterwards is work together and rebuild.

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For all purposes, Selenium regulates all part of society. In the early years, the industrialization, carbon emissions, and plans to expand into wild life already heavily damaged the biological side. On the flip side, All the cities there are interlinked with teleporters and equipped with proper filters and generators inside their artificial domes. All the weather cycles are regulated, the oxygen levels in place, and the same network spanning across. The magic presence is there, it’s just significantly weaker and rarely used. In Selenium, technology represents progress, taking society to future ventures never seen before.

Everything is built for peak efficiency. There are massive railway systems for locations not fitted with teleporters, special dome cities built just for mechanical testing, and a variety of shops for all sorts of projects. Here, the copywrite laws take charge and the plagiarism of inventions can have serious repercussions. Where Lakora defines personal appearance on being expressive, Selenium chooses outfits to show them off. Collaboration is highly recommended between partners or member working on the same field. Everything is about testing again and again until it works.

People choose Selenium because they act as an interconnected community. It’s reliable and messages travel fast. Need help with a new component? There will always be a quick response over the network. The inventions here are gound in hard science and math, and it never deals with the uncertain factors of magic. The level of health care ensures that most incidents can be fixes, and cyber enhancements added for personal improvement. Selenium thrives off creativity with control, knowing one’s limits, and yet knowing when to break them.


The year is 1022, one year since the war broke out.

If your character is from Lakora, they are invited to Namina Gardens for a gala to introduce the new recruits.


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If your character is from Selenium, they have an invitation at Torkken Fortress where senior cadets are throwing a party.


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I look around as I slowly walk out of the forest and through the gate. Remember my little kitten, we Costoterra work in the background, we stay hidden in the leaves and the shadow of the forest, we do not step into the light like other creatures. - the words of my great grandmother and parents linger in my head as I step through the gate with my ears back. right after I enter halt again hesitantly. We are gentle creatures, we don’t hurt, we only protect. - my father once told me and I talked out a withered version of a buttercup. “Our land is hurting, so I have to protect it” I mumble to myself before walking towards the large building, looking around what creatures are going to be here as well.



// Torkken Fortress//
The loud music was heard even before I walked into the club and I sighed. I rather wanted to be back in my room of pretty much do anything else than go inside, but I had to. Things would be more difficult in the future if I didn’t show up. not to mention Damien wouldn’t let me hear the end of it if I didn’t. I sighed once more and walked into the club where the music was damaging my ears from the second I entered.
I walked to the bar and ordered a drink before just looking around, watching people, seeing what and who I’ll be working with in the future.



:snowflake: Nova Kane :snowflake: // Namina Gardens

There were about fifty or so new members that opted into joining this quarter, most likely the ones that had first-hand accounts of the war so far. All the brave ones would have signed up immediately. She certainly did, standing among the first even though her intentions were to be a field medic. Of course, the events always ended up turning sour quickly. One year and a few months and what started as political skirmishes grew out into official declarations of war. The tensions were always there, there was no denying that, but even though her childhood, both parties of the parliament were diligent in keeping some semblance of peace. Lovely now that everything was ripped apart.

Then there were moments like these. Nova did admire the light show tonight, flowers of all sorts all illuminated by hovering spheres of light, the stones under her steps glowing, and the fountains cycling between spewing water and ice. The commander was running through the list of names, none of them which she recognized. It just meant that there were more newcomers to welcome and more friends to lose. She was far beyond sick of everything, but what else was there to do?

Taking up her glass, Nova downed the last of it, draining the glittering pink contents before wandering away from the classical music dancing creatures. It was quieter back here, darker from where the trees moved into tall canopies, leaves nearly blocking out the sun. It certainly created quite a dramatic view. Moments like this to herself, maybe just a minute of composure, and then she could head back to the celebration in full swing to encourage the others.

She caught a flurry of movement, stilling for a bit, then swiveling around toward the new creature. Covered in fur, bright eyes, adorable for sure, Nova had only seen the Costoterra in textbooks because of how rare the sightings were. If they were coming out now, these guardians of nature, that had to show the council that the war was growing worse fast.

Realising she still held an empty drink, Nove glances toward the creature and back before standing. “Are you here for the gala? It’s this way,” she pointed toward the gates covered in moss where slow coloured light could be seen beyond.



I looked up with perked ears as someone approached me. A young woman, with hair as white as snow. She had a calm demeanour. I nodded and looked at the other gates. “I wished I could say I wasn’t,” I said with a sigh. “But our land is slowly dying, and as a guardian, I need to protect it,” I said not hiding the sadness in my tone. “It’s painful you know…hearing the screams of the forest, as it’s being tortured and killed…” I mumbled, more convincing myself that going against the nature of my kind, was the only way to do the job we have to do.

I then turned to the woman. “I assume you’re here for the gala as well?” I asked as I looked at her. “snow hair and ice eyes, you’re from the cold regions, I assume?” I asked.


:dna: Damien Caligari :dna: // Torkken Fortress

“Next time I throw a party, we’re doing it in one of those sky fortresses,” he made the motion with his hands, accidentally sloshing a bit of the neon drink from the glass, “bloody massive, if you get me. The fortress is lovely, but it’s always booked out for some parliament meeting.” Damien sighed, running fingers through his hair. The nonstop flash of lights continues while cadets jumped around on the dancefloor. This was one of those events where, technically, the official personnel in charge of the cadets didn’t exactly know. As far as he was concerned, it was a free for all. All sorts of drinks, robots zoning around to serve patrons, and plenty of underage participants.

The grand room was cast in dark blue and purple hues, only growing a bit lighter by the bar where bottles labels needed to be read. Damien slid his glass back to exchange for another, Glitch Bliss, bright blue, two shots, dull enough to last the night. He was by his friend, Miles, the other host to this event, though more so for the technical side. Booking the roof could mean test flights on those new rocket boots they were going to roll out, but apparently not because Miles thought the younger cadets would fall off the side and die. Way to take the fun from everything.

Still, two wasn’t a party. Damien slid more credits to the bartender, taking another glass with him as he wandered toward the dancefloor. Everyone who arrived clearly had the guts to do so under the risk of getting caught, someone here was bound to be fun.



:snowflake: Nova Kane :snowflake: // Namina Gardens

“Angelwood,” she responded, “it’s a city up north, and it does have plenty of snowfall but I’ve never thought of it as a distance ice region. You could consider it though.” The creatures here tended to be pretty unique, Nova never thought that her hair colour was an indicator of anything else aside from her aesthetic. It was a nice hue in the end.

“The commander was just finishing up the usual speeches. I know that it’s disrespectful to leave but we’ve been doing this all the time.” She glanced back at the Costoterra, “and I wish I could apologize for the damage Selenium is bringing, but being part of this conquest seems to only do the same.” Nova held hand her hand out for the creature.

“I’m Nova Kane and somehow, I’ve never noticed you here before. I’m going to hope it’s because we’re in different platoons.”



I chuckle. “It’s how we call the regions most ice users and the White Costoterras hold their guard” I explain. “It’s no disrespect to your appearance or the regions, it’s just something we’re taught as to how to recognize where creatures are from to better understand possible threats” I explain. “Though, now it’s a little different since normally we don’t say those assumptions out loud” I mention.

“That’s the thing, that is so bad about this, is that you can’t apologize for the damage, all you can do is make sure the damage is worth it, which frankly, I don’t think is the case, yet here I am,” I tell her with a sigh.

“I’m Charlia, and it’s only natural you haven’t seen me before, because we don’t do wars. We don’t associate with other creatures and stay in the shadow of the forest and mountains. However, this war is killing the land, hurting it. The cries of the land can’t be fixed by the small number of people we have protecting the land, and so…I’m forced to step out of the forest and go against everything we stand for” I explain to her. “We don’t fight, we heal and protect the part of the land that can’t fight back, and for me to do so…I need to fight against what is hurting it” I repeated.


The Dark Mistress’s estate

Amaranthae checked the mirror as she checked the gown against her and smirked feeling mother’s words:

“Beautiful as always, my Dear.”

She smiled and preceded to put it on. After she did she smirked, she hadn’t been to a ball this important in…centuries. She brushed aside her immortality and focused on the matter at hand. The war on magic, she of course would survive regardless of the outcome but war creates desperation and desperate people do foolish things. They make deals they believe are worth it and for her, they are.

Namina Gardens

She smiled and wisked herself away to just ahead of the gates and walked in her arrival being marked by a cold chill and the candles going out.

“I really felt quite distressed at not receiving a personal invitation but then again an open invitation is open to all.” She gently lifted a glass and drank from it. “Not as good as some of the older, aged, refined drinks I’ve tasted.” She smirked, “Now…who wants to dance?”




:snowflake: Nova Kane :snowflake: // Namina Gardens

“You probably had the family talk of your life then,” Nova joked, though it was an attempt on good regards. No doubt Charlia was going to end up one of those cast-outs or never be seen the same. If only there were someone, she could stab to end everything, but wars didn’t start like that. There were people for sure, yet the conflicts developed over decades of negativity. They’d be lucky if it didn’t take the same time to fix everything.

“What do you think is hurting the forest then?” she asked. Aside from the war, it was a generalized term, but knowing these creatures, maybe they had a better definition of it. The gala could wait then; there was nothing wrong with the calm atmosphere here. When was the last time Nova had a proper conversation over a near risque conversation like this? Charlia didn’t look like she was experienced enough to report her, and where else could Nova go to vent about something like this? Maybe being on different platoons would help with anonymity.



// Namina Gardens//
“We’ll we’re taught how to survive, how to do our job, and what we stand for, then soon, it’s time for you to leave” I said as I gave a little chuckle.

“Have you ever seen a flower die before?” I asked her. “As it withers, it slowly loses its life energy and dies. unlike you or me, the land doesn’t die in one go. it’s drained of its life. its get burned and choked to death.” I explained. “If I had to explain what it is that is killing both lands…I have to say it’s the ignorance of proud creatures who wield too much power for their own good. The unbalanced creation of two sides that can only see the flaws of the other. This all started as a battle of power, who the strongest is, or who’s better. it’s the arrogance that is doing the killing” I tell her.

“To say that I don’t approve of fighting against the others is an understatement. the collision of these two types could only do harm, however, my land is being destroyed and I can’t do anything about it. So I have no choice, doing nothing isn’t going to fix this. Doing nothing would mean I fail as a guardian” I added before turning to her. “so tell me, what do you call this killer?” I wondered.



Torkken Fortress // Selenium

Why am I invited to this h€llhole of hammered and barfing junior cadets blabbering bullsh!t and making a fuss here and there and seniors talking about their pretentious cr@p in the corner? Why the h€ll would I leave my lab because of all these j@cksh!t? - Zara was more than annoyed upon receiving the invitation when she was so absorbed in in her research, alone in a corner of the laboratory. Flipping the black locks dangling before her right eye, she rolled her eyes. “Zen…” , she called her virtual assistant, “Decline the invitation right no–”, trailing off in-between her command,Zara rethought her decisions. Turning down her colleagues did not appear to be a wise idea. “What do you want me to do for you, Zara?”, Zen responded.

Well sh!t- Zara muttered in her mind and face-palmed herself. “Nevermind, Zen. Change my look for a party.”, she commanded. “As you wish, Zara”, Zen responded in their artificial voice and as they were told, altered Zara’s casual look into a more fancy one. Finishing up with a slight touch-up , she ventured for the party.

Arriving at the venue of the party, Zara only smirked as her idea of a party hosted by Damien was accurate. Being a patron herself, she was served a non-alcoholic drink by drone which picked up and, magnificently swept up to the VIP lounge where she heard Damien saying, “Next time I throw a party, we’re doing it in one of those sky fortresses,." Maybe don’t invite me, next time you throw a party? - She thought while approaching Damien and Miles. “Good evening”, she greeted, as politely as possible for her, “The party is so boring. Don’t you think so? Is Damien been slacking with his party-attractions?”, but couldn’t help the sarcasm



Namina Gardens // Lakora

Ethereal beauty of the flora in Namina Gardens mesmerised Cassius as he slowly made his way inside as a new recruit. Even though he lived near the woods, the surroundings were more exquisite here as all the plants, trees were taken care of, while in the woods they were left to grow and thrive on their own. Carefully darting his eyes across the place, he was searching for a familiar face, though hoping not to meet any. Interacting with the group of people, called ‘family’ who abandoned him out of nowhere, would be the last thing he would want to experience at the moment. Again he was zoned out, rethinking his decisions. Should I really engage myself with all these violence and conflict? I don’t even know how to…I guess I’ve gotten better at it…but still… Bouncing back to the reality, he cleared his throat feeling a little awkward. Being able to socialize with others , making friends, helping others in need was all he wanted, yet he found himself in an awkward predicament in which he felt himself hesitating to approach a new face among the numerous people gathered here. After all, it was something, he was not used to, yet. He scanned the unfamiliar faces, and shoved his hands into his pockets, feeling lonely and awkward again, a feeling which he hated. Upon finding a solitary corner, he approached toward it and leaned his back against a tree, and pulled his right hand out of the pocket as he started play with a small flame.



Lithia Hardarm //

Namina Gardens // Lakora

Lithia knelt in a flowerbed, a little ways away from the crowd. Her eyes bore into a small flower hiding in the bushes. It was a sad little thing, wilting in the shadows, seemingly cowering away from it’s surroundings.

She turned to cast a slow glance at the gala. A few voices could be made out, but most of the crowd faded into an indistinguishable mess. She watched quietly from her distance, knowing it was probably social protocol to introduce yourself at an event thrown with the sole purpose of introducing yourself.

With sudden purpose, they stood and made a beeline for the mass, leaving the dying flower free from her intense stare after a silent goodbye.

A man, older than her, stood on the outskirts, playing with an orange flame. Her gaze landed on the warm glow in his hands, and stayed. Despite growing up in Lakora, seeing magic in practise never failed to mesmerise her. Her family spent all their time with their noses wedged neatly and deeply into magic books, but they had never performed it. Of course, she had tried. She had tried many a time, in fact. Nothing ever came to fruition. That was okay. She could just stare unsettlingly at others as they used their abilities, riddled with jealousy.

She moved closer to the man, stopping just a little too far away and watching the fire with an unblinking fascination.

@OhSumana - Cassius


Location: Torkken Fortress, Selenium

Andrea stood silently in a corner, trying to avoid even the slightest interaction. She was getting a bit bored, but it was fine. It was better than talking to stuck-up senior cadets who’re obsessed with themselves. That’s what she thought about them.

She decided to grab a drink after standing awkwardly for a few minutes. Ah… lemonade, very refreshing. She took a glass of it and started looking around. Everyone was dancing, communicating, some were crying…? She was very confused, but eh, she doesn’t care.

The music changed to something calm and cool. Something Andrea could vibe with. Her body started moving on her own and she closed her eyes. This party wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be. The music started becoming upbeat and Andrea was too involved in it. She swayed her body violently… and knocked over her glass of lemonade on someone…

‘Oh, fxck…’

@Meekepeek ~ Bryn Glasco


~Namina Gardens~ Lakora

Amaranthae danced with a few nervous cadets and a brave one who could dance rather well. She remembered the other men she had ever danced with and he was better by comparison. She curtsied and went to go find another drink. She finally found one with a tray and overhead a conversation that made her smirk.

“To say that I don’t approve of fighting against the others is an understatement. the collision of these two types could only do harm, however, my land is being destroyed and I can’t do anything about it. So I have no choice, doing nothing isn’t going to fix this. Doing nothing would mean I fail as a guardian” I added before turning to her. “so tell me, what do you call this killer?”

She smiled softly, it sounded as if this one would to anything not to fail and the fear of failure is the best one of the best things in the world for her occupation. It is the only thing other than love that brings men to their knees, when they’re too afraid to try. She slowly approached but kept just behind the person.

“Well, dear, I have a rather, extensive answer for that. But everything always has a price…with me. Magic, information, assassinations, wars, starting them, ending them. Everything has a price. So, consider this a party gift that this price isn’t as steep.” She offered a second glass to the person. “A drink with me, if you accept the deal.” A smile spread across the beautiful woman’s face that appeared real and as if she genuinely wanted to help. She spent centuries of practice with her voice and appearance to be the most appealing. “So…do we have a deal?”

@Meekepeek ~ Charlia
@BlueInferno ~ present


// Torkken Fortress//
I was leaning against the wall near the dance floor. it was at least somewhat entertaining to see people dance as if they were fish flopping on land. I looked at the time, I need to be here at least an hour or else I could hear Damien tell me next time he’ll show me how to have some fun instead.

I was lost in thought when all of a sudden, I was showered by something sweet, sour and quickly sticky. “Uhg, seriously!?” I groan. "All this technology, and yet they still don’t have anything to fix this thing that happens way too often. but then I suddenly thought of something. “Yes!” I said and turned to the person who just showered me. “Thank you!” I tell her, not even sure she noticed she showered me.
@Peppermints - Andrea


// Namina Gardens//
With perked ears, I turned around startled. I then looked at the woman with dark hair and a sly smile. I looked at her with a tilted head. “Well I wasn’t really asking for it, so I kindly refuse, I don’t make any deals,” I tell her politely before sniffing the drink she offered. “Besides, I only drink naturally sourced liquids, like fruit juice and water” I explain.

I then look at her with a smile. “Seeing how you approached us and joined our conversation, I assume you want to share your opinion, so why not just say it instead of offering deals that aren’t requested?” I still tried to be polite, but my lack of social interaction in the past years probably didn’t show that.

@Bluecookies - Amaranthae
@BlueInferno - Nova