Recommend Me on Stories [Wattpad]

I just created a user on Wattpad and I would like to try it and read some stories (and I’m thinking of writing a story there).
Genres I would rather: Adventure, thriller, fantasy, action, youth… just to name a few (I might forget something).
I don’t like the erotic genre, so please don’t recommend me on this kind of stories.

So, recommend me on a good story :grin::blush:. You can even recommend on your own story


Royal blood!

family comes first by Mason FitzGibbon. it has 4 sequels

I don’t know many stories on there but I’d reccomend @AlissaGrace’s Life of Asteria Hale, it’s youth and fantasy.


If you like LGBT fiction, there’s the Grayson novels by TeamNextGeneration. They’re a little bit of everything genre wise. There’s some romance, some action, drama, and they’re well-written.

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