Recommend your favourite story in Episode INK (wiki) ✨

This thread is similar to the Episode Classic recommendation wiki, but this thread is dedicated to Episode Ink stories :smiley_cat:
Please don’t use this thread for self promotion and try to provide a link and a short description of the story.
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Genre: Thriller
Name of story: Scorned
Author: Amber J.
Short description: (Taken from app)

At the height of her dance career, Diana becomes embroiled in scandal when lust rises between her and a younger ballerina. Prequel to The Game.

It’s an absolute must read. The advanced directing and use of overlays is outstanding.

Link: Click Me!


Bump! Any one got any good ones? I’d like to read some.

Ink stories? Here you go! Here are some of my favorites.

Genre: Adventure
Name of story: Dream Escape (stylized as .:DREAM ESCAPE:.)
Author: Kay Elle
Short description: (Taken directly from the app)

Link: Dream Escape :purple_heart:

If you’re interested in male-to-male romance, lucid dreaming, and profound storylines, then this story is the right one for you. This story is pretty old already, so the directing isn’t as advanced as the ones we have right now. But it’s still worth reading.

Genre: Horror
Name of story: All Hallows: The Curfew
Author: Michelle L.
Short description: (Taken directly from the app)

Link: The Curfew :hocho:

This is probably one of the best horror stories I’ve ever read in the app. I can still remember how much I loved this one.

Genre: Adventure
Name of story: Cafe Paradox
Author: MorningStar
Short description: (Taken directly from the app)

Link: Cafe Paradox :mantelpiece_clock:

One of the very first sci-fi stories on Episode that I actually liked. For those who are interested in time travel and parallel universes, then I highly recommend this one. Sadly, the author of this story isn’t in the community anymore. But the story is still a great read. And I also like that the LI in this story is your super smart nerd friend, which is something refreshing to see.

This story doesn’t have the same level of advanced directing that we can see in other stories right now, but it was already advanced during the time it was made.

Genre: Comedy
Name of story: Cupid’s Arrow: Curmudgeon
Author: Kate Island
Short description: (Taken directly from the app)

Link: Cupid’s Arrow: Curmudgeon :older_man:t2:

This story is all about a grumpy, old male senior citizen who was able love in a funny, yet heartwarming process. This story is worth a read if you’re into light-hearted comedies. And the thing that like is that this story is actually funny.

Genre: Comedy
Name of story: Ticket to Heaven
Author: Love S.
Short description: (Taken directly from the app)

Link: Ticket to Heaven :angel:

Another one story that is actually funny. If you like “The Good Place”, then you’ll also like this one. I’m very impressed with this story’s smooth and advanced directing, plus the mini-games are also awesome. It’s one of the few stories that incorporated the closet feature similar to the Demi Lovato series. It’s definitely a must read.

Genre: Fantasy
Name of story: The Ruby Tiara
Author: Wincy.W
Short description: Aa beautiful yet strong-willed college girl stumbled upon Ethania, a kingdom in a different dimension. Would she fight for survival, love, or just a way home?