Reiterating All the Things You Can Do!

Hiya everyone!

So there have been lots of new rules on some other forums. In response, we thought we’d make a post letting you all know all of the things you can do here on these forums.

While free speech laws don’t apply to a privately owned forum like this, we do want to ensure that you can speak as freely as possible – as long as it isn’t hurting others or causing us to lose our Google monetisation.

So here are a list of things you can do!

  • You Can Make Posts With Giant Font. I wouldn’t recommend overdoing it because it’s annoying when it’s done too much, but I’m not your mother!

  • You Can Help Us Keep the Forums Clean. We’re trying to promote a nice, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels they’re allowed to speak without being shut down by the mods. That means if you see something you know is against the rules and you want to deal with it without flagging or getting mods involved, you are 100% entitled to! It’s a good thing because it means people aren’t being punished constantly for slip-ups. Just make sure you know what you’re talking about. :wink:

  • You Can Be Negative. We aren’t going to tone police you. If you’re in a negative mood, be negative! Just make sure you stick to our Guidelines at the same time! Also, you’re responsible for your image here on these forums. Keep that in mind!

  • You Can Criticise Ideas. You don’t have to be polite about disagreeing with someone as long as you attack ideas and not people! Again, stick to the rules and be aware of the image you want to make for yourself on these forums!

  • We Love Rant and Unpopular Opinions Threads! Think of this as your new home for your most ranty of rants! We love it and we join in!

  • There Is a Place For 16+/Mature Stuff. If you want to swear and talk mature/sensitive topics and share NSFW art and stories, we have a place for that! You just need to join the Restricted Section tier on Patreon (with the same email you used for the forums) and keep all the mature stuff to the dedicated category.

Please feel free to ask us if you can do other stuff on here! That’s what this thread is for! Question us! We aren’t going to close the thread and force you to listen without speaking your mind!


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