Request creepypasta/horror stories for me to review for Shannii's blog!

Hey guys! Recently I wrote a blog post for Shannii all about horror writing and that gave Shannii the rad idea for me to do reviews of horror stories which I would honestly love to do.

I know many creepypasta stories and online horror stories myself but this just makes me struggle thinking of where to start :joy: so I’m opening it up to you guys. What do you want me to review?



You make me wanna write a horror story :star_struck:


Do it child


I was listening to one recently about a giant spider who lives in an elevator shaft! It was narrated by Creeps McPasta, I think. It creeped me out so much!


I think I’ve heard of that but I will definitely check it out

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Also maybe a like starter story! Something you’d recommend to someone who wanted to get into horror’ !


You spelled Creepypasta wrong.

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Well spotted

Any stories for me review or are you just here to point out my spelling mistake? :joy:

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Yeah, I got some. Ticci Toby, Dead Bart and Persuaded.

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I can do all of those

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I just read a really great one a day or so ago. It was about this guy that took an experimental drug that increased his brain speed, but his body couldn’t keep up- eventually his brain sped up so much that even blinking felt like it took centuries. I’ll try and find it ^^

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This story is also great, one of the things that got me into horror


Thank you! I’ll be sure to read it


Hmm… I have a story that I think fits this, that is if you’re open to reviewing like my own stories lol. It’s creepy/unsettling but not specifically in the horror genre, it’s more a mix of horror and fantasy I think.

If not that’s totally fine lol. Idk if you’re doing classical/old stories or anything but if so I’d recommend Lovecraft- but you’ve probably already read him. Specifically Rats In the Walls
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I definitely am :joy: as long as you’re open to me doing that

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Yep that’s good lol. It’s a story I wrote a while ago and so I’d accept any critique you gave it. I don’t think I’m gonna change it but if I ever did the critique would help me make it better in the future.

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I wrote a Gravity Falls lost episode Creepypasta…

And another, though it’s not pg-13

I don’t have anymore pastas at the moment. Do you?

Ahhh if @ShanniiWrites wants me to still do these I will dang it brainy.

But I’ll need some spoopy stories children :eyes:

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