Reserving Characters

When joining an RP, most creators will ask you to reserve for signing up. Reserving is a way of simply letting the creator know what to expect, and to know you’re interested in actually joining. Reserving is also a way of making sure you know what you want to commit to. You know what you need to do for making characters to then RP.

How many characters do you usually reserve?



I usually reserve 1 or 2 mostly because I never start off with more characters until I know for sure I like the RP enough to make more.
because if I reserve more than 2, you can be sure I drop at least 1.

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In a standard, newly-created RP/SG, I’ll usually stick to two reserves.

I usually reserve just one at the beginning of the RP, see if it will work for me. I only reserve when I’m interested enough but just to be sure xDDD

FTD is obviously an exception then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Though I really do want to make so many more, I always feel like if I make too many or reserve more, it feels like I’m not giving others the opportunity to do so or may scare them away :grimacing:

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YES, obviously. HAHAHA.
You should do it 'cause what scares away most is that all the main ones are taken and that’s nothing to do with you, it’s just 'cause they’re not willing to find the obscure ones or work with people to make siblings.

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Then you have me who takes a fairytale no one knows so I still have the freedom to do whatever haha

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Exactly, perhaps that’s why you should create more characters.