Responses to "you're my special someone" prompt

So just some writing prompt resources for when someone says “you’re my special someone” to your character I guess.

  1. " Wow, thanks."

  2. “Come again?”

  3. “I know”

  4. “No, no I’m not”

  5. “Liar”

  6. “You don’t say”

  7. “You’re not mine tho”

  8. “Cool”

  9. "*finger guns *

  10. “We were victims of the night. The chemical, physical, kryptonite- Wait, hold up-”

  11. “You’re my special something- someone, I mean someone. You’re so my special someone too”

12,. “Thanks, I’m my special someone too”

  1. “Wow. Um, okay. That was wow just wow”

  2. “Like as a friend? I’m your special someone as your best friend right? You don’t have feelings for me like that right? Ha ha ha of course not, right?”

  3. “Why?”

  4. “If only you were someone’s special someone”

  5. sips tea “I’ve known for long dear friend, we are two forces in a dyad-”
    “Is that a star wars reference?” Person A groaned, annoyed at person B.
    “Of course”

  6. “Shocker”

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A horrible decision, really.



removes headphones “Did you say something?”

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