Retro Video Games

Let’s talk about retro video games!
(My favorite :3)

Like PacMan, Snake, Hedgehog and more!

Fun Fact: did you know Snake was the very first game to play on a phone? I remember playing it on my grandpa’s phone, with teeny tiny buttons. (It’s better with buttons, I’m sad I can’t play it anymore)

PacMan and Snake are my favorite games to play :3

What were/are your favorite retro video games, and what do you think of them? :grin: Have you ever played games like that? If yes, what was/is your high score?


does girls go games count?

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I used to play a lot of 8-bit retro games back when I was a kid. They will always be my favorite type of video games (ahhh, the nostalgia :pleading_face: )

My favorites are Super Mario, Battle City, Contra, and Donkey Kong. I can’t recall my high scores anymore, it has been ages since I last played those games.

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Oh I remember playing Super Mario too :joy: The memories :pleading_face:

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I’ve never heard of it :sweat_smile:

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OMG! Snake on old phones was the BEST thing ever. I remember just sitting there for hours and hours trying to beat my own record, and not 'cause I was particularly bored, it was just 'cause when you played one game, you have to play another and then another…

What about Windows Pinball? Sonic? Crash?