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Revenge: RP inspired by Scream Queens

Welcome to Millburn University! Millburn University is located in Tranquil Springs, one of the quietest and safest towns in the country. But not for long. The sorority Sigma Alpha Kappa is one of the most well known sororities on campus. They are very selective and only accept who they believe is ‘Kappa Material’. Being one of the most well known house on campus has its perks, but it also means that Sigma Alpha Kappa has a lot of enemies, especially their rivals Omega Beta Gamma. One night, Sydney Johnson, the Sigma Alpha Kappa vice president was found dead on the house’s front lawn. Someone is out for blood and wants revenge on the Sigma’s. Can the killer be caught before it is too late?


This is supposed to be set up similar to the show Scream Queens, so I am sticking with the Greek Life theme. You can play as someone in a sorority/fraternity, normal student, athlete, etc. Please reserve roles like house president or vice president. Also, the killer needs to be reserved, but please PM me so nobody knows who you are (otherwise the plot of the RP is spoiled). Reserves are first come, first serve.

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  1. Please be active!
  2. No ‘perfect’ characters (Mary Sues and Gary Stus)
  3. You can create as many characters as you want
  4. No killing off other characters unless the owner lets you (Will ask your permission in the sign ups)
  5. I know this RP is supposed to be horror/ thriller theme, but please keep the violence and other mature content at a respectable level and use as little details as possible, blur or take it to PM if you want to get serious.
  6. No horrific, mature, bloody, and gory images please (Do not want to make this to visual)
  7. No bad language, if you absolutely have to use it please blur it
  8. You are welcome to create a fraternity/sorority/ or club, but please run it by me first!


  1. Killer is taken!
  2. Sigma President- @allure-me
  3. Phi Nu Kappa president- @ForeverAngel
  4. Omega president @MeghanWrites
  5. Delta president- @lb15
  6. VP of Omega and 1 sigma member- @Kat
  7. Epsilon president- @Madilnel
  8. Delta vp- @chococarmela

@MeghanWrites @euphoriaa @Dying_Dreams @Aesthetic_epyy @chococarmela @EmilyJunkie @Kat @Megan @ForeverAngel @metanoia @Samantha79[date=2020-03-04 timezone=“America/New_York”]2020-03-05T05:00:00Z


Can I reclaim my reserves I had as arctic fox

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Can I reserve for two?

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Im sorry but someone had already asked to be the killer. I hope you still participate!


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I may sign up for this, bring back my quirky character…

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just finished both of my characters :slightly_smiling_face:

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I used to watch Scream Queens at what age? 8? 9? Idk, but anyway I would like to reserve a female.


Can I reserve one female?

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I will make a male! Hmm maybe a frats president…lets say alpha tau omega pres. I don’t think there is one yet for boys either! also if you need help with anything Greek life related I am very experienced and will help



Me to. It came out when I was 14. And thanks for reserving!

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Will you be starting a new frat? We have two Epsilon and Omega. We have a president for Omega Beta Gamma. Alpha Tau can be a new one. And yeah I will reach out if I need help!

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yes! go ahead!

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Thank you!


2. DZT


  1. OBG
  2. EOP
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I should’ve been specific, a female in Omega Beta Gamma!

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