Role-playing things to keep in mind and Respect

Hello Ace of Spades down here.
Sooo, we got a role-playing area and that’s great! Lovely! And I don’t wish to be mod, I don’t expect these rules be enforced or anything but kinda like respectful rules back on the Episode Forums that we can just follow to keep us civilized or respect others.

  1. My dears, role-playing is a joy you can be anyone and anywhere. However things that are taken to far is inappropriate scenes. People such as me, get uncomfortable due to scenes such as sex, nudity (Like full, if a guy has a shirt off its different ) and scenes like…you know what I mean.

  2. Respect your role-playing buddies. It’s small now but soon it’ll be big. Soon maybe role-playing will be its own category. You most likely will not agree with some writing styles or role-plays. But outside of the role-plays don’t hate, cause drama, create tension, bring bad blood. Kills the mood, and brings bad atmosphere.

  3. Role-playing on triggering topics such as suicide, self harm, rape and such should be handled with utmost caution. People have trauma, people have experienced it. And if your doing it just for show, to gain character sympathy or you think it’s funny you shouldn’t do it. At all.

  4. Organization. This is key, I’ve been working on a role-play with a good friend you may or may not know as @/Littlefeets on the forums. And my buddy @/Art3Miss (@Artey). One thing we found is to be organized and prepare in advance. Our role-plays last long because we have rules, plots, side plots, steady pace, having a sign up and then an Official Role-play Thread and unbiased events preplanned. Doing that extends your role-play’s lifeline and makes it more fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll finish it.

  5. Help, Help each other. If a new RP-er is struggling please lend a helping hand. Get them familiar with the rules and expectations of this place.

  6. 2 months rule. You know the custom for taking on a dead role-play if its not yours or the creator did not give permission is 2 months after the role-play has been closed by a mod. This is to respect that it was someone else’s and they created it. Let’s keep this custom as a form of respect and kindness.

That’s all the basic rules/kind things to keep in mind while roleplaying. I can think of now, I’ll add more if I see more. I hope the ones not listed are common sense and courtesy. I hope to see a New Ideas thread Open soon as a way for us to see Role-playing ideas.

See ya around ~


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Glad to see you mentioned me Ani! Great post with information for people to think of when they start an RP!


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This is an awesome thing for role players - especially new ones.


Cam actually made a post on the episode forums about triggering topics in role-plays.

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