Romances Between Own Characters

So, I mentioned in another post how I first started roleplaying on MovieStarPlanet years ago. One thing I distinctively remember was that every single roleplay made had the same rule. It was always the top and most important rule (no one really cared about god-modding, swearing, or literally anything else).

No romances between your own characters.

Breaking this rule was extremely frowned upon in the MSP RP community, it was treated like brothers and sisters dating. Therefore, coming onto Episode forums (and then here), I assumed that the rule would apply here too. But, I have never really seen it mentioned. I haven’t seen it done (but I don’t see every single roleplay, so I may have missed it), but I don’t think it’s ever been a rule.

What do you think about romances between your own characters?


There’s rping on msp :open_mouth:


There was, yeah. But it’s, like, extinct now, I don’t know what happened. There’s literally no trace of any RPs on there anymore, I think MSP automatically delete threads on the forums after a certain amount of time.


On of mine has a crush on the other. But I’m not sure if I will ever act on that crush. It like a unspoken rule or at least that’s what it looks like no one mentions it or said its against any rules. I don’t mind people having romantic relationships between there own characters.


i find it a bit weird, but do whatever you want-


I think it kinda ruins roleplaying. Roleplaying is interacting with other people and their characters, it’s weird to have your characters interact like that because two people that are dating are going to be around each other a lot.
I think it’s a valid rule, but way to strict. I mean you do you

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There’s nothing wrong with having a romance between two of your own characters, but it’s still better to keep a full romantic relationship between your characters and someone else’s. That way the romantic pair can interact with each other more naturally and provide fun for multiple people. It’s also better that if the romance is between your own characters, that it is a preexisting relationship (a married couple for example) due to it being harder to properly develop the relationship when you can only have them interact for a short time within a post.

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Yeah, I’m currently having a mental battle about that.

I’ve only had a romantic relationship between myself and an NPC I controlled before, but they never really showed up that often anyways.

I personally never made an actual romance between my own characters, only like past things which are only mentioned and aren’t actually rped because they’re in the past.

The idea of romance with your own characters to me slightly just seems like it’s losing the point of rping because you’re not actually doing that interaction with someone but with yourself, where’s the fun in that?

@RPers not many of you said your opinions🤔 what do you think about that?


I have Marc and Thomas, but I made them almost like twins. They are the only ones I have but I love to play as them from time to time.

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In the Lime Grove RP I made parents for another users characters. I didn’t make them divorced because by the kids’ bio they were still together, so that’s why theres a romance between my own characters.


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i dont think ive done this in an rp
romance is more fun w other people
like having conversations with myself i do on the regular, but flirting and like being in love with myself literally and not just in a thank u, next way is batshiz to me so ion rlly do it that much cos it feels weird

my control freak self still approves tho

The rule is understandable, though, but there’s nothing wrong with it; however, I think it would be best to avoid that on depending levels (take for example: parents, NPCs) because it can make your experience boring and just… no. Romance can make an interesting plot, and if you just do it by yourself it’s going to be really hard for you to make it look like they actually are that and it also takes away the meaning of roleplaying which is to create a story by interacting with other people.

If you want romance with your characters, and the best potential partner is your other character, think about it first. After all, there are lots of other characters by your co-roleplayers that will surely attract your own. Don’t be shy to PM someone about it ; D

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