Rowling and Cancel Culture: Why She is Just Plain Wrong - ShanniiWrites

Rowling’s tirade against trans rights and cancel culture is highly irresponsible. Here’s why she’s wrong and how her words are causing so much damage.


Oh here we go…I love Harry Potter, but I hate this…


Incredible, Shannii. Thank you for writing a blog about something so relevant in writing and mass-media today. I loved reading about your own reflection on the topic too. (wink)


JK Rowling? Pfft, now I see what the JK in her name means…


I’m surprised she even said the things she did even if she didn’t know it was controversial, I guess she is aware that she won’t be the one suffering from it. :eyes: This blew over rather quickly in the media, compared to other dramas like the Jophrey Polaris, Tatiana and Jum Curl thing.



I feel like all of this, since the whole Harry Potter is gay thing was all for attention, to get back into the spotlight. Sure, it created controversy, but what was that controversy about? Harry Potter, something she created…bad press is still press, you have the people talking about you.

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At first I thought she had just not explained wat she meant properly.

Until she started to dig a hole and stuff got worse

Harry Potter wasn’t the gay one haha. It’s Dumbledore. He’s supposed to be in love with Grindelwald but they’re too chicken to show it on the big screen, as if there’s something wrong with being gay :roll_eyes:

JK Rowling? Wasn’t she the same one who tried to convince us Dobby was Chinese, Hermione was black, and Dumbledore is gay for f-cks sake? And said only woman get their periods? Yeah no…

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we love using diversity for clout and brownie points :grin::ok_hand::gun: (using the Nick creepy smiling emoji sorry)

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Wait Dobby’s Chinese?


I was wondering the same thing…

that’s what she said on Twitter…