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1. I will marry Hwang Alex wholeheartedly :wink:



This thread is gonna be fun


From Breaking Dawn by @/OhSumana and @/ForeverAngel

wonder what the next post will be :thinking:


2. I think RPing is really fun but its hard to find the storylines that I will actually enjoy :frowning:


3. Whats the best way to make a parent-child characters with someone else in an RP?


4. I want to start rping again, but I cant find any rps that appeal to me.

Maybe we could make one? Feel free to pm me or the other RP staff


5. @GlitterFist glitfit rp Queen




Hi @TL_DR. I love you too.


What storylines do you enjoy?

Uhh… discuss it with the other user first. (wink)

What type are you looking for?

Who is doing this? Please tell me (privately) and I’ll look into it.

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Its so annoying when youre trying to make a good introduction post and someone comes and approaches the person you were going to approach (usually with a one-liner) even if you planned to approach that person

Yeah, I understand this a lot, I usually ask, before the RP starts (or a new day starts), if anyone wants to talk to my characters. And then if you organise approaching one character, but another user approaches that character instead - let them know! If you have it planned on a sign-up thread, then you can’t really argue with that, and I can’t imagine them having a problem with it, there are plenty of other characters who are usually approachable at the start of a roleplay!

Having bad grammar makes me not want to RP with you. Like, I cant RP if I cant understand what youre saying, sis

I do agree that it can be offputting. Maybe you could let them know the grammatically correct version of what they are writing? This can also help them improve their writing for the better. But make sure they are okay with you doing that, you don’t want to be trying to correct writing when they don’t want it to be.

some people make the exact same character for every RP then wonder 'why does nobody want to RP with me

Hm… I don’t think using the same character in different roleplays will put people off roleplaying with them. Sometimes users (I know I have in the past) found a certain type of character that they really like to do and find interesting and easy to roleplay with and that’s completely fine! In most cases, the same character will be used in different roleplays that have completely different users involved, that haven’t seen this character before.

I want to make my own RP but whenever I sit down to think of a plot for one I immediatley lose all the fun ideas I had beforehand.

I definitely understand that! But, there are so many users, so many staff members that would be more than happy to help you make new roleplayers, and maybe they can suggest extra ideas to add to yours that make it more interesting. You said you lose all the fun ideas you have beforehand, perhaps you can have a place where you write any idea that comes to mind about roleplays (even if it isn’t about one you are focused on). Then you can look back and you have a record of all the ideas you’ve had for a roleplay.

Those are my best attempts at answering these. I really hope they make sense, I literally write what I am thinking in my head, and I feel like sometimes it doesn’t make sense. If you are having further problems with these above, you can always PM me or anyone else to help you!


What do you do when someone your planning a character relationship with doesnt respond? Thanks Cali. It gave me the confidence to message them.

@CrazyCaliope ^^^

Well if they aren’t replying, you are completely okay to say ‘hey, are we still doing this?’. I know it may seem as though you are just bugging them, but they may have just genuinely forgotten (or maybe even thought they already replied!) and doing that will help. But, if it happens frequently, then maybe ask whether or not they really want to do it, because if not you can plan it with another character!


I said something? You’re welcome. Glad I could help?

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happy birthday


Hahaha. Thank you, cutie!

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Anyone have any more questions/confessions to submit? Feel free to send any thoughts or opinions you may have about any part of the RP/SG section. We will try to answer and help as best as we can, and/or we would love to hear your thoughts on how we could improve, too!



furries vs gamers RP lets make it happen

I don’t really see any reason why this should not happen, so if you want it to then do it! I probably couldn’t help you with this roleplay (because I wouldn’t know how to make it), but I’m sure there will be someone who sees this wanting to help make it!