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Anyone have any more questions/confessions to submit? Feel free to send any thoughts or opinions you may have about any part of the RP/SG section. We will try to answer and help as best as we can, and/or we would love to hear your thoughts on how we could improve, too!



furries vs gamers RP lets make it happen

I don’t really see any reason why this should not happen, so if you want it to then do it! I probably couldn’t help you with this roleplay (because I wouldn’t know how to make it), but I’m sure there will be someone who sees this wanting to help make it!


I want to do a casual one on one RP with slow response time, no pressure anyone else?

I think that sounds great, and I think loads of RPers would want to do that! We have a thread for finding people to do a 1x1 roleplay with that you may find useful for this!


I know the feeling… that’s why I do SGs.


I have been in roleplays, but I dont always have the time or motivation to make posts. The head of the RP keeps saying take you time but she still bugs me a little when I cant post but I really dont want to leave the RP because I like the idea and plot

Not having the time or motivation to make posts is completely fine. Letting the RP owner know about that, though, is important because it’s hard to tell the people who don’t have time or motivation, and the people who are just losing interest and don’t want to be apart of it. If they are bugging you about it, it’s probably because they think you are a good roleplayer that they don’t want to lose. But, if it’s getting too much then tell them!

I want to make my own advanced RPs, but Im afraid it will flop :>

The amount of roleplays I had on the Episode forums that flopped is kind of ridiculous (I had a 0% success rate), but I’m also glad I did them because they helped me improve. The worst that can happen when your roleplay flops is that you can learn what works in a roleplay and what may not - what people like and what people don’t. I think you should definitely do it, new roleplays are always needed and I will definitely consider joining. And if you need any help in making them, you can always shoot me a PM.

Would it be possible to make a thing that was a combination of the 'quotes you thought were funny and 'rp character polls thread, where we have to quote things IRP that match a them (best pun, best motivational spech, etc.)?

That’s a really good idea! I’m going to tag @CrazyCaliope since she does the RP character polls, to see what she thinks! :wink:


This is totally fine, but you really should let people know about stuff like that just because it really can be hard to tell what’s going on with other people :pleading_face:


This sounds like a FANTASTIC idea. (wink) If you wanna create this thread then you can totally PM me to iron out details or bounce ideas off of. If you’d rather someone else create it you can still PM to say so and mention any other ideas you had for it.


Why didn’t I see this before :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
Who is this? :joy: @ForeverAngel?
I’m sorry, pal, she’s destined to be with Tora :wink: maybe in an alternate universe? :smirk: She’s way to hard to get though.

“I don’t belong to anyone. Others belong to me” - Hwang Chun-Hei Alex


I used to love the RP community here, and I’m NOT sayin’ i don’t love it anymore. We have some amazeballs rp staffs, mods and talented rpers here. I could rp all day here without studying, eating, sleeping, drinking water of that was possible. But recently our community is dying. It’s clearly noticeable! Rpers are becoming inactive. I know some of your mental health isn’t good as before right now and taking a break might help you. I’m not against it at all. Everyone’s mental health is important. But those here still here and love RPing, please guys, we can’t let this die. We have to keep doing and prove that we can do it! Thank you <3

Is there anything you can think of to help make this section more active again


This has become a growing issue, yeah. But I think my answer would be that people need to accept and admit when they are loosing motivation. As soon as one loses motivation, they give slow and difficult responses to another, that person loses motivation to roleplay too. And if you lose motivation, and your pushing yourself to continue roleplaying, you may grow to resent it, and it possibly won’t be fixed with a break like it would have been if you face the issue head-on. There is nothing wrong with saying ‘Hey, I need to leave for a bit, I have no motivation’. But it becomes a problem when you are still trying to roleplay when it actually makes it worse.

Plus, if people accept they need to take like a few weeks… or even months off, they may come back stronger than ever, and in the long term will improve the activity in the roleplaying section.

So I would say that the solution, in my opinion, is to:

This problem was also discussed further in this topic (where I definitely rambled on, unnecessarily repeating myself) which may need to be brought back, as the issue still seems to be unresolved.

But, like @Sophia1233 said, if anyone has any other solutions, or disagree with me, then please use the form to say so!!


the rp doesnt have to revolve around your characters, jsayin

I think when this happens, the person who owns the character/s are doing it unintentionally, because of course their own characters are important in the roleplay to them but maybe sometimes it comes across in the wrong way. But this is a problem that is fixable, and maybe you can PM them just to say ‘Hey, it kind of seems like your characters revolve around the RP right now’, because maybe they genuinely haven’t realised they are doing it, and by telling them, it helps them as a roleplayer.


Uh… what RP is more about characters than the story though?


drama RPs can be built that way, but i haven’t really had an issue with people controlling the world around them, usually just a small number of people post and control the RP :thinking:




(This may be basically what @passionfruit just said) But there are a few RPs that depend on characters to be interesting. I think Greenstead is a very casual one, and drama/events purely depend on what the characters do. I think.


Think the hunters is the same. It’s character driven you can. Have what erer storyline you like as long as no guidelines are broken


You may or may not know me after reading this, but anyway. I actually had a complete character idea in mind when I said I had an idea, but I signed them up the wrong way. So, yeah. Lowkey regret making that character, but life continues haha

Maybe talk to the RP owner about them.