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I find that i really like rping as patients in the hospital or just a average school. So i guess Id really like some more hospital and school rps that dont flop.

Well @LittleFeets just made a new roleplay called Serenity Medical, and there’s one by @Kat called Camp Seafare that seems quite casual. I understand that you would want a casual, uneventful, just normal high school roleplay. But, unfortunately, most of them don’t go too far because it is the same thing all the time and a lot of people get bored. Though if you want to make an average school roleplay, you can do that! However I would suggest trying to add something to it that makes it different from other high school roleplays.


Yep! The RP is more about the medical staff, but there can also be some patients that are hospital regulars too! I’m even working on a patient or two that will be known well by the staff.


Can there be more high school type of RPs? Those seem fun but the ones I signed up for, arent really good

I’m going to put a list of all high school roleplays below before answering the question, in case you missed any of them! I’m sure they all would love more people to join!!
P.E.A.K. Academy : Children of Marvel Characters High School
Mystic Lake Academy : Children of Monsters and Mythical Creatures High School
Blue Royalty : High School with the Ultimate Popularity Contest
Elite XOXO : Gossip Girl X Elite High School Roleplay
Truth or Dare : High School with a Dangerous Game of Truth or Dare
Fairytaled: Return of the Legend : Children of Fairytale Characters High School
I may have missed some, I was purely going off memory and the roleplay titles.

As for there being more high school roleplays, like I said in the answer above, it is hard because I think that every high school roleplay needs an aspect that makes it different to the others. Threatening texts, gossip blogs, they used to be enough, but a lot of existing roleplays have that and it works for them but for new roleplays it would really need more than that to be interesting and for it to not die. I have seen previous high school roleplays, and they all end up with just 2 roleplayers continuing a conversation between their characters. I’m all for a new high school roleplay, but I think it would need something new to really keep people interested and active.

I don’t know. That’s just my opinion that no one asked for.

Or I’m just completely wrong here and people are interested in usual high school roleplays. I don’t know, it kind of seems repetitive to me but I guess I’m not one to talk when Blue Royalty has a gossip website. And maybe I just jinxed myself and my roleplay will become that one with only 2 roleplayers continuing a conversation…

but sign up for blue royalty had to throw in the self-promo even if it is most likely one of the ones you have signed up for that aren’t really good hahaha i just need new users on it okay

Please disagree with me through the form if you want!


I just posted that but now I’m kind of thinking I didn’t really answer your question correctly at all…


If you want, I can help you with RP-ing 1X1 at first, then bigger audiences, but if you want that you’ll have to wait a bit until I finish my exams at the end of the month.


Where do people get those name banners from?

People usually make them themselves! Or you can ask someone else to do one for you, I’m sure most people would be more than happy to help you with that. Though, if you want to try and make one yourself, @Mouschi made a really helpful and detailed thread explaining how to make your own name banner!!


Save Mystic Lake! Please join!

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I’d be happy to help. Just PM me.

What is the difference between an RP and an SG?

An RP and an SG are very similar, but they are not the same thing.
In an RP, you signup your character, and then you write posts responding to other characters and situations.
While in an SG you sign up your character, then the creator of the SG writes for all of the characters. The SG creator writes out basically chapters of the story, writing what each character says and does. These chapters can range in size from a short paragraph, to multiple long paragraphs depending on the story and number of characters. At the end of the chapter, and sometimes during, the creator will ask questions for you to answer about what your character would do. It could be something like what they would wear, how they would react to something, or thinks they might want to talk about with someone.

In short, in an RP, you write posts as your character, and in an SG, the creator writes for all characters and you answer questions for them.


For Ani/Mel - How do you keep track of all your advanced RPs and the ones you joined like CHB, Fairytale-d, blood of empires



I really don’t oof. CHB is a team effort with people tagging me and stuff and I of course have Brookes. FTD is something I really love and I find myself helping out and RPing a lot hehe. I reccomend setting reminders or keeping lists of what you need to do or what people you need to reply to. It’s very usefu haha. I barely use mine but it’s been very helpful in the past

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Can you link some SGs I can join? It sounds fun!

Of course! There aren’t many SGs currently, but these two are currently open for signups.


@RPers , does anyone have anything new to ask / confess / talk about? Have you had any problems or opinions on things in roleplays that you would rather keep anonymous? We will try and help you or discuss this with you, send stuff in below!

Send us anything!


Nope, sorry…

I love reading long RP posts,but I also get very intimidated by them im

Don’t be! Sometimes people have to write a lot to get everything they need to say in the post. But do not compare yourself to other roleplayers. Everyone here has a unique way of roleplaying, whether that be long or short, and either does not matter. Don’t let the long ones intimidate you, let them challenge and improve you as a roleplayer. If you ever need help with roleplaying you can message me? Or literally anyone else because they would all be more than happy to help you.

How do I tell someone I wanna drop out of an RP? Im not sure how since there are already pre-set partners the RP has started.

You have to just tell them. Tell them and they can work something out so that the character yours was partnered with can have their partner changed with someone who wants to be a part of the roleplay. It would be worse if you stayed, as if you want to drop out you might lose motivation for replying to them, and since they have a partner, I’d assume it’s important for their character to interact with yours. The owner of that character might also lose interest because they aren’t getting any replies. Basically, you just need to be honest and say you aren’t interested. I think the owner would appreciate you saying that more than you gradually drifting from the roleplay.

How do you handle so many RP characters?

Who me? Uhh… well, I don’t. I definitely cannot handle them and I am always stuggling with balancing replies. I know right now I need to write posts for Delilah, Calen and Wendy, and I haven’t written for Sadie in… days now. I know there are a lot of people who handle characters better than me (pretty much everyone) and could definitely give you a better answer for that.


How do you make your characters not have the same personality?

No idea. My characters are all practically variations of each other. However, I do sometimes like to find a character from a TV show or movie to base my characters on. Then that kind of separates them? No, I’m bad at it, I really don’t know.

oh, shouldve been more clear. i meant how do some people handle having so many rp chars? i can barely handle 3

Well, I’m no professional at it, but I can imagine a method of managing 3+ characters would be to rotate focus on the characters. So at one point, the main focus would be character A, then you would go to character B (or you could focus on 2 characters, then the other 2). But I guess sometimes that wouldn’t work.


I have a system. Mix and match adjectives. You can see @/sunflower.flow and I doing this on the RP chat thread right now. (wink)

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What are SGs?

I’m going to let @CrazyCaliope take the floor for this one.


@ForeverAngels characters are always ridiculously overpowered and in certain rps (Like Gravity Falls) it genuinely makes me want to stop rping.

Please tag her in this because I want her to learn and grow.

Before anyone says anything, I did check with @anon69668780 before posting.

So, I’m not too sure how to answer this, since… it’s more of a direct statement. But, you mentioned Gravity Falls, and she owns that roleplay, and so perhaps the overpowered characters are so that her roleplay can move in the direction she wants it to go. Maybe if there are posts in particular that you think are overpowering, you could directly send them to her and tell her? Then she’ll understand what your talking about and/or tell you how that was important for the roleplays progression (which I’m sure will be the case most of the time, because she is amazing at planning and running roleplays!).


Please can the RP quiz tag work for the staff members trying to do it? I’m not part of the RPers tag. But I like the quizzes.

@CrazyCaliope think this is more directed at you than us leaders.