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I want to join some rps but I dont even have enough time to read the descriptions... Sad...

Ahhh. RPing can really take a lot of time, some of the first posts can already take like 30 minutes to read carefully :eyes:


I have signed up for almost every single rp and Im not even half way done with my sign ups :weary:.

Well, good luck, or drop a few of your reservations maybe!


I want to rp but all the rps are Magic and fantasy stuff and its not my thing and its getting annoying

I feel ya, magic isn’t really my thing as well but really not all RPs out there are fantasy, mine won’t be, stranded isn’t, the selection is kinda fantasy but with very human characters just another world and I’m sure there are more out there that aren’t including magic, otherwise you have always the possibility to create one yourself!


Ani deserves more appreciation for everything she does for the RPing section!

I couldn’t agree more, you are amazing @melancholy :eyes:


To whoever who said this, thank you very, very sincerly. I always like to be appreciated for the work I do :heart: I truly do love and cherish the section and our dysfunctional little communtiy of writers old and new. It has taken me and taught me very much and wherever we go or stay I will always try to help it. :upside_down_face: :revolving_hearts: The community is an amazing place and I’m truly honored to be apart of it.


I love the murder mystery type games :heart: Theyre always awesome, and I love the concept

Sameee, haha, this reminds me tho I should continue with the one I was organizing…



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@Tellyg47, editing threads isn’t allowed…idk why

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Lil bump!

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Lil bump!

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I had no idea where to post this, so decided to do it here.

Since I forgot last week, Jay (jdepisode) wanted me to let everyone know that she loves and misses you all. She’s fuming about the whole episode ordeal, and so thankful for everyone’s help archiving her and everyone else’s threads, and she can’t thank everyone enough who helped.
In her words “SERIOUSLY?? I though people had forgotten about me XD If you could tell them all I miss them!” She also threw a fridge full of potatoes at episode.
So, yeah, she’s as weird as ever, but she’s also doing okay despite everything going on.

Just wanted to let everyone know before I stupidly forget like the pleb I am. And so she doesn’t beat my *ss should she come back and find out I never told anyone how much she ‘loves y’all’ or whatever them crazy americans say. XD
I kid, we all know how much I love my crazy pickle biscuit. But nonetheless! Wanted everyone to know that you’re in her thoughts and she misses you all. :wink:

@RPers - please tag anyone who isn’t under this tag that would want to see this. Cheers m’dears!


Closed at OP request!