RP Character Question Thread - Amanda & Clara

Yeah, I would. I’ve always wondered about who she is and I kind of want to know why he doesn’t talk to her anymore.

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I don’t know why this is so funny.

There’s literally nothing with her. Quinn hates her guts.

Clara, how is that a dck move? If anything - it’s the nicest thing Quinn has ever done because Amelia got a concussion and he took her to the ER. On the other hand - he could have just told Amie to gtfo and continued - leaving her by herself probably confused because of the concussion.

So yes, you have terrible morals. But am I surprised? no. You’re a Lucier/Weston

Thank you


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I want to ask questions, I just don’t know what honestly :frowning:

Before you became anorexic?

Best ride Amanda. You know what I’m talking about

Hey Amanda, what if I told you Mason fcked Olivia during the wedding? Thoughts? Especially since he rejected you in the past without even a second thought.


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@Caticorn Can you clarify what you mean by friendly terms?

Hey Clara,

  1. Have you ever had sex before your current boyfriend?
  2. Who with?
  3. How old were you?
  4. Do you know when your sister lost her virginity?
  5. Thoughts about Daniel Parker/Veronica Charlotte Parker?

I thought your sister was with your aunt … are you saying otherwise?

don’t lie

You should stay on the stands

you can’t do anything else anyways.

I honestly don’t believe you

What happened at the begging of their relationship to make you think that?

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You honestly don’t really seem close as sisters sorry Amanda. Maybe you really are all alone in this world. Your dad left you, got married, replaced you and your sister doesn’t really care about you. How does that feel?

laughs as if you’ll ever make it in that industry. Your dad barely made it and is still scraping by. You’re lucky Dan respects Yara, or your dad would still be stuck in a rehab center or maybe even dead from alcohol/drug overdose.

Because she doesn’t love you, Amanda.

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  1. Do both of you know what happened to your papa’s (Dom’s) sister when he was younger and his ex girlfriend (Candice’s) involvement in her death? But really, he just blames Candice because he’s not willing to take the actual blame when the entire thing started because your dad wanted drugs?
  2. Do you two know about your dad’s (Mav’s) drug addiction in the past and the way he had completely ruined his life?
  3. Do you know Dom and Mav are probably the least comparable human beings on the planet and honestly they’re probably both too damaged to ever actually love anyone - including you two?

@Littlefeets @Caticorn

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sigh I was trying to avoid putting it like that, but yes.

I was friends with his sister and we don’t hate each other.

Yes, I have.

Hera and Elio

With Hera, I was 15 and with Elio, I was 16.


I know that my dads didn’t get along with Daniel Parker in high school. He also commented on one of my Instagram posts, which was kind of weird. I don’t really have any strong opinions on Veronica, though.

I said nothing of the sort. Am I not allowed to worry about my sister?

I’m not lying.

I’m literally a cheerleader and either way, dance is more my forté.

I was twelve and it had only been two years since dad and papa’s divorce. What else was I going to think?

Thoughts about

  • vc
  • kaya
  • raph
  • jp
  • olivia
  • tahir
  • Florence


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Thoughts about







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I think I’ll leave you to guess on that one.

Of course he f^^^ing did.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

I don’t know if I’ll make it professionally in soccer, but I sure as hell can do everything I can to try, and don’t talk about my dad that way.

You don’t know what our relationship is like. I love my sister, and I can always count on her to feel the same.

Papa told us he had a sister before we were born, and about how she died. We don’t know the details, but we don’t need to.

Dad did say once that he had a problem in the past, and its why he doesn’t drink or anything like that now.

Don’t f^^^ing talk about my parents like that. Dad and Papa love us. That’s one thing I’ve never had to doubt in my life.

He told us that he used to have an older sister, who I’m named after, but he never went into detail about what happened to her. All we know is that she died. Honestly, I don’t think we need to know more than that.

Yes, he told us that he used to have a problem but he doesn’t do that stuff anymore.

What a load of bullsh-t. Dad and Papa have never given us any reason to think that they don’t love us.

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