RP Character Question Thread - Olivia & VC

This week, the question thread will feature two characters from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Olivia Gardiner and Veronica Charlotte Parker!

Both characters were made by @CerealKiller so feel free to tag them with questions!

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Olivia: @CerealKiller

  • What do you think about Sophie?
  • What’s the situation with you and Mason?

”Sophie… she’s an amazing girl honestly, I really do love her a lot. I mean- as a friend”



How old are each of you?
Dream Jobs?
Breakfast foods or dinner? Or neither?
If you each had one superpower, what would it be?
Something you would never, could never be caught investing in?
What is your clothing style?
Dogs or cats?
favorite color?

Is it more complicated with the fact that Mason is Sophie’s best friend as well?

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How are you girly?
Sad that you’re not going to prom with Mason?
Don’t be, Fin is soooo muuuuuch better.
Did you like his proposal? Mason could never
Do you like Fin? He’s an attractive guy and now we can see he can be very kind and nice and cute and totally not fake
If Mason changed gis mind and asked you, would you turn him down or go and hurt poor Fin? :((

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What do you think about Fin asking Olivia to prom? He’s your friend, wasn’t that… strange?
Why do you like Fin?
Hows your baby?
Oh how’s your fam now that Jordan is almost dead?
Did you know you and Annie are related? How does it make you feel that’s she’s a Pierce?

”not really”

”I’m quite alright, you?”

”not exactly, but it could have been nice”

”but im not :joy: I don’t really know fin but he has been really nice so far so I’m not complaining ”

”it was amazing, really”

”i mean I don’t like like him I barely know him, but he’s definitely nice and cute and kind and somewhat attractive though he’s not my usual go-to type”

and totally not fake​:joy::joy::skull:

”thats not nice I already said yes to fin that’s just mean :frowning:

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”why is it strange? It’s cute. Plus who am I to complain, seeing fin be cute to a girl is a once in a lifetime priceless opportunity😂”

”I don’t know he’s fun and he’s alright to hang out with. Why do you care?”

”non existent”

”not good, but hoping”

”honey everyone is related to us are you ever bloody surprised?”

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  1. Top 5 hottest boys in your school?

  2. girls? (apart from you)

  3. Rate your exes from best to worst

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”not on any particular order, but the montoyas, Mateo and Quinn”

”well that’s not fair”

”paige. the end.”

Just imagine there are more people on the list okay
”I mean. It was good while it lasted but I’ll say Ricky first and then Matty but only for the fact that it was longer and there was a deeper connection”

  1. Opinions on Ari?

  2. Opinions on Mason?

  3. What is your signature style?

Vc or both

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”hm… not a fan no”

”dont think I know her”

”he’s alright but he’s just too stubborn to admit that I’m better than him”

”mason is a great guy for sure”

”hot, bold and sophisticated ”
”I usually go by you’re prettiest when you’re comfortable but it depends on the day”

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olive are you new?

What nickname do you absolutely hate? :thinking:

do you have any ex girlfriends?? are you bi?? hetero or

How was kissing him Olivia?

How was doing the humumu with him?

What do you think of Sienna?

boring, anyways signature hairstyle?


favorite singer?


what do you wanna be when you’re grown?

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”i don’t know really”

”i’m bi, but I never had a girlfriend”

the humumu:joy:
”it was good”

”Don’t think much about her but I don’t really like her either”

”just regular let down”

”um, American?”

”taylor swift”


”still figuring it out”

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do you know anyone in the school? name like 10?

Which top 3 families do you have connections to?

which celeb are you crushing on?

i’ll bet after all you want mason, moving on what do you think of cheaters?

should i give you random nicknames to see which one you hate?

banna head, oliver, oily oily - chose the one you hate out of this

boring again

how would you say your personality is

i thought you were british

least favorite singer?

no offense but olivia is so boring