RP Character Question Thread - Olivia & VC

”I know people I’m not a monk. But let’s go with ten. Vc mason amie Zek paige Sienna callum fin Katie and… let’s say Elio ”

”what do you mean by connections though? Tho to answer your question I’ll say Parkers pierces and… woods?”

”taylor swift again but doesn’t everyone have a crush on her?”

”not really I just don’t like her personality, mason isn’t really the issue. But I don’t support cheating for that matter ”

”go ahead”

”maybe oily oily”


”to you I assume just good ol’ boring”


”there are a lot of singers that aren’t my cup of tea but I don’t know who’s my least favorite ”


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you know what i mean

eh. I like her music and shes pretty but ehhhhh

really? Wow are you sure you dont support cheating


why do you hate oily oily out of all of them? what is the problem?


personality traits?

what your personality type (intp, estp)

Whose your cousin again? Vc or whatever?

How dare :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Vc rate yourself from 1-8 (you cant say anything above 8 and anything above 8 isnt going to be taken)

Whats your personality trait?

So what happened between you and Ricky?

Are you new?

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”I just don’t like the way it sounds lol ”

”i don’t owe you explanations”

”infj I think”

”vc yes, still not british though”

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”you think I have one personality trait? Darling even an eggplant had more personality than that”

”we dated, we broke up, end of story”

”are you joking ”

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you kinda do, see i know this person and you kinda did this and so they transferred the ownership of asking for a favor from them to me.

Sooooo out of all people why Mason?

What’s your type in girls? guys?

zodiac sign?

@Vc ur half british?

i thought you were full

What :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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why 7? more like an 8+

What is one thing you’re insecure about?

Who is someone you like but can’t have?

How is your dad?

How would you feel if your dad and mom divorce and your dad started dating Elodie?

and how do you feel about that?

do you want him back?

do you think he wants you back?

Thoughts on Hades, Tsumuji, Mateo, Cleopatra, Elijah, Kaya

whats your signature hairstyle?

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”because I like mason”

”i don’t really have a type honestly but it seems like mixed/black men are my go-to”


”not technically no. But my mom’s side isn’t fully british even tho she was technically born in England so yeah”

”nobody’s perfect darling ”

”I don’t know about insecure but I don’t want to die alone”

”who said I can’t ”

”not in hell ”


”not my proudest moment”


”hell no, he hates my guts”

”Mateo and Kaya are great, tsumanji not a fan and the rest I don’t even remember who they are no offence”

”an Ariana Grande ponytail”