RP Character Question Thread - Paige & Mason

“I only met Olivia this year. So probably during the first day of school”

Paige: snickers
Mason: side eye

“Yes, Sophie’s probably my closest friend but honestly I don’t know about her and Olivia. To be perfectly honest, I really don’t know Olivia well enough. Maybe? Maybe not…”

“Nothing? I barely know her.”


Paige girly why ya snickering

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My brain:


i hate you for that :joy:

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Give the boy a snicker

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he no want

okay fine he’s a pierce

he wants a little

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Of course


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Why is it spelled wrong

Idk bro I also saw that

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Are they trying to say the person who did the packaging was hungry?

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“I’m… not.”

Mason: “I don’t know what you’re talking about”
Paige: “Yeah, keep telling yourself that.”

“I’d prefer not to answer irrelevant questions.”

Mason: “Paige is a… friend. I was surprised when I saw her in Beryl when she’s… clearly… supposed to be in London.”
Paige; “Just like you are supposed to be”


I love paige’s answers

“Red… I mean, obviously it looks fantastic on me.”

“You can’t ask a Pierce that question, are you bloody mad?”

“You know, once upon a time I used to say Will… but honestly, he’s been ignoring me for practically five fcking years, so maybe Emmy?”

Mason rolls his eyes

“Good for her? She had this huge crush on her when we were growing up so I’m happy for her. I just think her sex life is probably trash right now with Piper being in Paris.”

“Did she? Well, someone had to show her how to have good sex - might as well be that tape.”

“You ask that like I’m supposed to be surprised? I don’t care.”

“Childhood stupidity. Is that enough of an explanation?”

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“Great girl. Probably one of the only bloody people I trust in this town, honestly. And probably one of the people I’ve gotten into the most trouble with over the years. She’s for sure a go to whenever I need bail because she does something on her phone, and two minutes later, I’m getting let out.”

“Sucks that she’s related to Phoebe and Amie, but overall she’s at least fun - unlike the other DeLoughrey whatevers.”

“Never met an Olivia, and honestly I don’t care to…”


“Who again? Please stop wasting my time with these people I don’t know”

“Did you not hear me before?.”


"VC’s… pretty cool I guess? But she’s not beating me for valedictorian… that’s all I’m saying. :stuck_out_tongue: "

“Also a fun girl, but I haven’t really interacted with her too much over the last few years. We run in similiar-ish circles though?”

“She’s… she’s pretty great. But again, I don’t really know her that well.”

"RAPH’S MY MAN. No honestly, love that guy buttt I do highly suggest not going to a Halloween party with him and definitely don’t let him near a nurf gun at a waterpark… "

"I don’t know Florence too well, to be honest. But she seems pretty great! "


me wondering if we planned anything yet :joy:


“So you’re asking if I believe some bloody supreme being decided to bring my ass to the living without permission? Well, if that being exists, let me talk to it because this is bloody bullsh!t.”

“I’m not super religious, don’t tell my parents, but technically Christian and I go to Church every now and again on Easter and other special occasions,”

People’s Magazine, darling"

“God… honestly I don’t know. I don’t really have much time to read with sports and class…”

“Maybe if you weren’t stupid, you wouldn’t ask me questions I’ve already answered”

“I don’t really have one? Maybe if I had to pick I’d say black? It just kind of works with everything.”