RP Character Questions Thread - Bryan & Ray Blackwood

Bryan Blackwood
telling her stories of what public school was like. I did take some creative license with the stories. I wasn’t exactly as popular as I made myself out to be.
Mabel she seems like a nice girl though I haven’t had much chance to talk to her yet.
Ajax. I think there is more than meets the eye with the camp leader. he seems so well put together all the time, don’t think I will ever be camp leader since I suck at fighting and hate it so much.

Ray Blackwood
best memory with Bryan? the time we would spend running in the woods behind the house,we were so carefree and didn’t have monsters or quests to worry about we could pretty much do what we wanted as long as we where home in time for dinner.
I respect any of the hunters of Artemis or Diana. They have a bond with each other that makes me a bit jealous. I would also say Karen the Oracle and ajax the camp leader. I am not fond of the power that comes with being in charge. They seem to handle it fairly well.
I don’t know, my lack of people skills makes it hard to get to know people.
Would love to learn from Harmony, Reina and any other hunter. Is it bad I want to be one?

Since the character question week is up.